These are all the characters seen in the trailer for The Batman

These are all the characters seen in the trailer for The Batman

The highly anticipated trailer for the next great batman movie It is here and we are all now like a headless chicken reviewing and analyzing each scene to draw conclusions and discover details of the new Matt Reeves. You have probably already seen the advance on video – if not, don’t worry that we are now showing it to you – but you may not know how to recognize all the characters key that appear in it, beyond our Bat Man, of course. Let’s go over it.

The Batman, the superhero returns

Since we learned that Matt Reeves would direct the new Batman movie, the press has not stopped writing about the film day yes, day too. Bringing such a character back to the big screen complex like this is not easy, and doing it with Robert Pattinson in the title role even less so. The Twilight actor already has several tapes behind him in which he shows that he is something more than the monkey boy of Hollywood, but even so, finding out that he was going to give life to the DC superhero was something that the fans did not particularly like.

If we add to that a filming that had to be interrupted due to COVID, we can say that the beginnings of the project have not been especially easy. Still even the most haters They have felt an immeasurable curiosity to know more about the film, so it is not surprising that everyone has been watching the trailer that was revealed only a few hours ago: it is about the first movie trailer, which takes on special value if we take into account the secrecy with which everything has been carried out and, well, in short, that aura that as we said has surrounded the film since its inception.

The batman

The video of The batman shows us one more character Dark than ever, a characteristic that prevails both in the character played by Pattinson and in the aesthetics of the film. We like (a lot) what we see, with attractive sequences and music that accompanies the whole ensemble quite well. In addition to Bruce Wayne, we also have the opportunity to see other important people from the plot of his story … have you been able to identify them all? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

Trailer of The Batman and characters

Before giving a review of all the characters that appear in the video, his thing is that we paste a review of the trailer again so we have fresh ideas. We leave it to you below:

The batman in original version (English)

The batman Transtaled to spanish

Characters featured in the movie trailer

As for the character review, these are all the ones we have identified in this first preview:

  • Batman / Bruce Wayne : vaaale, yes, this is more than obvious but it had to be mentioned. Robert Pattinson dons a new suit and puts on an intense voice to give life to a Bat Man with a certain gloomy and violent air.

The batman

  • Catwoman: our favorite Cat Woman also appears in this film. It is played by Zóe Kravitz.

The batman

  • Commissioner Gordon: another of the essentials of Batman comics. The policeman will come to life thanks to Jeffrey Wright, whom we already know as Bernard in the great series of Westworld.

The batman

  • Enigma: more than one might not be able to identify the villain of the film. And it is about Enigma, one of Batman’s great enemies, who has changed his appearance a lot for this film adaptation. Paul Dano is the actor who is in charge of embodying a tremendously dark and even terrifying character with a covered face. This promises.

The batman

  • Mayor Don Mitchell: And who is the victim that appears on the scene as soon as we start? Well, it seems to be the mayor of the city of Gotham, Don Mitchell, who will fall at the hands of Enigma and will serve as a message for Batman (it is for who afterwards they celebrate the funeral that is seen at minute 1:05 -it is the one in the painting-) .

The batman

  • Penguin: The best thing about Pinguïno’s appearance in the trailer is not his presence itself but the fact that it is none other than Colin Farrel who plays him. Yes, you read it right. The one you see below these lines is the protagonist of the box office Last call (among many other tapes) only with a few prostheses on his face and several kilos on top to give life to the mythical villain.

The batman

What do you think of the characters? And this first trailer for The Batman?


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