The Sony A8 is the best OLED on the market and now I don’t want another Smart TV in my house

The Sony A8 is the best OLED on the market and now I don't want another Smart TV in my house

Sony A8, video analysis

Why is this Sony A8 the perfect TV?

Sony A8 OLED

You just have to take a look at this model to see that we are facing a Smart TV special. As usual, Sony has put a lot of care in the design of its product, and that is that the details reach the back of the equipment.

We can see how his back has a careful design that, although not the best that we have seen in the brand, will allow its placement in open spaces where you can keep an eye on it from behind. You know, these types of exclusive televisions are usually put in large living rooms, creating double environments and all that … but hey, another day we will talk about interior decoration.

Sony A8 OLED

In addition, the extra-flat design highlights the most important part of the system, the OLED panel, which together with quite small bezels puts us fully in the image, which seems to float in front of us.

The only downside we have found in the legs that support the TV. They have a very ingenious system that allows you to raise the frame a little more than the table on which it rests to be able to place sound bars under it, however, the distance between these two supports is not enough to place all kinds of sound systems (the Sonos bar, the Sonos Arc, is too wide, for example). In any case, it is a very specific detail, and you probably will not encounter such a problem if you opt for a soundbar from the manufacturer (obviously).

Sony A8 OLED

Unbeatable image

Sony A8 OLED

But let’s go to the important thing, and that is image quality is amazing.

By now you will know that OLED panels offer a brutal contrast that allows you to obtain very dark shades of black, thus achieving a total blackout of the pixels that should appear black. Well, this television takes the image to another level thanks to X1 Ultimate processor, which is responsible for analyzing the image and adjusting it to make it look perfect. With very deep blacks and dazzling highlights.

Sony A8 OLED

Such is the brightness that it gives off, that the volume bar itself could become annoying at times when you are at home in the dark. The brightness it gives off and, even more so, the absence of light pollution in the rest of the panel is amazing.

Sony A8 OLED

At the image level, television does everything for you. It arrives perfectly calibrated from the factory, and the processor is in charge of adjusting everything you put on the screen to make it look its best. I could mention technologies like Pixel Contrast Booster, HDR remastering object-based or Optimization environmental; but basically they are technologies that in the end pamper each of the images that appear on the screen, and the results are incredible.

Don’t forget the sound

Sony A8 OLED

But in addition to the image, Sony has not forgotten the sound. This is something that also characterizes the brand, since it usually opts for integrated systems with very good performance. In this screen they were not going to fall short, and we found the so famous Acoustic Surface Audio, yes, more bombastic terms.

This is ultimately a speaker system that are placed behind the panel. There are no exterior slots or rear-facing speakers. Here the sound comes out of the screen, and the degree of immersion is total. To top it all, the included technologies allow you to enjoy sound Dolby Atmos and it is even capable of analyzing the environment to detect objects and thus project sound in the best possible way.

This speaker configuration sounds really good, and the Dolby Atmos effect is very successful, however, we miss a little more punch in the bass, something that connecting an external audio system, improves considerably.

The best TV with the best system

Sony A8 OLED

Another detail that I really like about this TV is that it uses Android TV as an operating system, and for me, it is the best option on the market. The freedom and options that it offers us are fantastic, being able to easily send content through the integrated Chromecast, or control the television remotely through Alexa or Google Home. We can also send content from the iPhone or iPad with AirPlay.

Control with the assistants is quite practical, since you can turn the television on or off with a simple voice command. Although the thing does not stop there, since you can change the volume, open applications and even change the font. It is super comfortable, although it will not avoid using the remote control, especially at times when you have to navigate through menus. The whole system works perfectly, is fast, reliable and efficient. At no point have I missed my NVIDIA Shield TV, which I consider the best media player on the market. The system proposed by Sony (both the very base of its menus and the Android TV interface) is simply perfect.

As you can see, it arrives perfectly equipped with everything that has to do with the world. Smart tvHowever, if there is something that has struck me especially, it is the remote control. Long and thin in appearance, the remote does not seem to us to offer a design on the same level as television.

Sony A8 OLED

It is an element that in the end goes unnoticed, but seeing the pampering they lend to television, what less than having a remote control to match. We would have expected to see a more minimalist command, with just the right controls to navigate the menus, and if anything, a second unit with a more traditional design, such as the one offered by this standard command.

An exquisite OLED

Sony A8 OLED

But in short we are facing an incredible television, and of course, as you can imagine, it has a price that is not available to anyone. We are talking about a TV that starts with 2,199 euros for the 55-inch version and 3,199 euros for the 65-inch model, which is precisely the one we have been able to test. Sony tends to have somewhat higher labels than other manufacturers, but after testing tons of televisions, the brand continues to give me reason to feel the price is fair.

They take care of details in design, image and sound, and the global computation offers a viewing experience that any movie lover would fully appreciate. So this A8 OLED is possibly the best Smart TV of all this 2020, and one of the best televisions that you can buy today.


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