A cheap PS5

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According to the information, it seems that there will be a shortage of components at the time of manufacturing the console, a handicap that will bring the manufacturing cost to the $ 450 per console. This means that if we add personnel, distribution and marketing costs, the price of PS5 would be quite high, however, it is something Sony is willing to assume.

On other occasions, by now Sony would have set the price of its console and would have planned the start of production of the console, however, with PS5 the times are being different. The company is taking a defensive stance for the launch of Xbox Series X, since Microsoft could go ahead and present a price cheaper than PS5.

Will it be more expensive than PS4?

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In IHS Markit Remember that the cost price of PS4 when it was launched in 2013 was $ 381, a figure that increased slightly to take it to stores at $ 399. Taking into account the small margin, if we make the same account with the 450 dollars that it costs to manufacture the PS5, Sony could venture to put it on sale at 470 dollars, which would mean a $ 70 increase Regarding what PS4 cost in his day.

Given that, the comparison between a PS4 Pro ($ 399) and a PS5 will be the order of the day, not to mention what will happen with Xbox Beings X, that if it had a lower price will directly win the consumer’s choice .

What components are making it more expensive?

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The main problem is in the DRAM and NAND flash memories. With the spectacular growth that mobile telephony is experiencing, large phone manufacturers are taking over most of these memories. Not having many units the price skyrockets, and that is where Sony would have to sacrifice to assume costs.

Everything revolves around Microsoft

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Given the situation, it is interesting how everything revolves around Microsoft. The price of PS5 conditioned by Microsoft placing its Xbox Series X, the problem is that everything seems to point that Microsoft will not announce it until E3, while Sony should do so in the coming months (March or April9 as He has always marked his release schedule.

In case of being delayed by the fear of being above the price of Microsoft, it will only make the investors nervous and show some fear of failure, so the company has no choice but to cut down enough and assume expenses. After all, the brand ensures that the business must focus on the sale of software (games) and not hardware (consoles), so launching hardware with a price below its manufacturing cost would make sense as long as you will present a catalog of games more than interesting for the launch. We’ll see how this all ends.