Home PlayStation The PlayStation 5 is outrageously large and may not fit in your cabinet

The PlayStation 5 is outrageously large and may not fit in your cabinet

The PlayStation 5 is outrageously large and may not fit in your cabinet

Big walk or not walk

PS5 Design

The National Communications Commission of Taiwan, the NCC, has published on its official website a series of images of the console's certification, and in them we can see some quite revealing angles of the PlayStation 5. As you can see in the photos published, the console in its version with a Blu-ray player has quite large dimensions, since the thickness of it is at least surprising.

With base included

Playstation 5 measures

We can also take a look at the circular base that will arrive with the console, which will allow it to be placed horizontally and vertically according to the user's needs. Looking at the photos, it seems that as with the Xbox Series X, the console will appreciate its vertical placement, since it seems the most natural position and with which to gain a slimmer figure. Instead, placed horizontally, the body of the device feels gigantic and especially uncomfortable to place in a traditional layout of the living room of any user.

Playstation 5 measures

Comparing sizes with the rest of the options

With the idea of ​​being able to more clearly visualize the size of the consoles that will hit the market next November, the Japanese designer Keisawada has drawn the different consoles to scale so that we can see the differences of all the models between them. To do this, it has placed all the consoles next to a 30-inch television, a size that, although it might not be the most appropriate with which to compare a 4K television, it could be useful when using a large-inch monitor.

Be that as it may, the result is quite surprising, since Sony hardware seems to bulge too much in many situations, especially if we take into account the depth of the PlayStation 5, measures that could exceed some living room furniture and that would mainly make it impossible to place it in horizontal between shelves.

A very great new generation

PS5 size

Both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 arrive with large dimensions, but seen, it seems that Microsoft has done an impressive job in balancing the measurements of its console. With Xbox Series S they have reduced the new generation to the minimum expression, but with Series X they have managed to create a really compact monolith that feels very small next to PlayStation 5.

Will we see users overwhelmed by the placement of their new console? It is clear that the arrival of the new generation will bring first world problems that we had not imagined until now. We are looking forward to seeing the new memes.


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