The Outer Worlds is no longer exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Coming to Steam this month!

The Outer Worlds Steam

Epic Games has entered the world of video games strongly, being the latest gaming platform. In order to achieve a prominent place, he bet on partnerships that guaranteed him exclusive games for a period of 12 months, one of which being the popular The Outer Worlds.

After being available exclusively on the Epic Games Store for the past 12 months, the game is finally set to be available on Steam as well. Its official launch date is scheduled for October 23rd.

This is a game that despite having become quite popular, ended up not receiving reviews as good as desired. Although it was considered by the majority as a very fun and great game to pass the time, it presents a serious lack of involvement, being unable to “grab” the players.

The Outer Worlds Steam

Still, if you are looking for a new RPG game to spend your free time, without any major commitments, The Outer Worlds may be ideal for you. If your favorite game platform is Steam, you will soon be able to purchase the game, without having to install the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games Store is a must-have platform on any PC

Even if you are not one hard-core gamer, I can easily state that the Epic Games Store is a gaming platform that any fan of video games should have installed on the PC.

Every month, the company offers several games completely free, which after “purchase” are available in your library forever. So you literally have nothing to lose!

You can download the platform directly from the official website and take advantage of the current offer of Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, which will be available completely free until October 15th.

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