The new Xiaomi ceiling lamp is able to illuminate and heat the environment

The new Xiaomi ceiling lamp is able to illuminate and heat the environment

Light and heating directly from the ceiling lamp

That Xiaomi is able to get super varied products is a reality that we are all aware of and has been demonstrated over the years with proposals of all kinds. The last is a ceiling lamp that, along with its basic function of lighting, also will be able to heat the environment. Ok, similar things already exist, but this has some interesting details.

Available in two sizes, one square and one rectangular, this Xiaomi proposal makes use of infrared radiation to generate heat. So, when you turn it on, you will not only illuminate the room you are in, you can also heat it up without any type of noise bothering you. And that, in small homes or in spaces where you want to gain in functionality is key, because you take off two products and you have only one.

How does it illuminate and heat at the same time? Heat pump system? No, this Xiaomi lamp makes use of the aforementioned infrared radiation to generate the temperature rise. Something that, in theory, would be able to achieve a few seconds after being turned on. And eye, without problems of scope, since the emission of this heat would be able to reach the person who is sitting working, watching a movie or any other type of activity.

Of course, it is likely that you ask yourself if there is any risk to the luminaire if it is emitting heat at the same time. The truth is that, according to Xiaomi, that will not happen. The lighting circuits will not be affected thanks to the graphene use.

A box has been built that is capable of supporting up to 400 degrees before deforming. Therefore, it could be used and brought to the maximum temperature capable of generating without any problem. What you do have to know is that, depending on the size you can cover a greater or lesser range in square meters.

The square and smaller model, 60 x 60 cm and 12 cm thick, would cover between 15 and 25 square meters. The rectangular, 90 x 60 and 12 cm thick, would reach between 25-35 square meters. And if you want larger spaces, then you will have to resort to using two of these lamps.

Finally, these lamps are also going to be integrated with the Mijia application and the Xiaomi Xiao AI AI, so that it can be controlled remotely and correctly.

Xiaomi heated lamp, price and availability

With prices that vary as you purchase it during the crowdfunding process or after, these lamps will be available from the month of April and they will cost between $ 100 and $ 130 during the pre-launch phase and then, between $ 230 and $ 260.

Would you bet on one? As I say, for certain spaces it seems to me a quite practical and convenient solution. If it meets the heating issue and provides that advantage of not drying out the environment, it is attractive. In addition, it integrates with Xiaomi’s Mijia home automation platform.


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