Angry Birds: Summer Madness

If you are a certain age you will surely remember the first years after the launch of the original Angry Birds video game for mobile devices. The success of the title was crazy and made Rovio Entertaiment earn a lot of money. And not only with him, but also with everything that came with the license he sold to other companies to make toys, T-shirts and all kinds of merchandising.

What’s more, even the world of cinema was interested in bringing to the big screen the adventures of these birds and their encircled enemies. The first movie came in 2016 and the second part, The Angry Birds Movie 2, was released in 2019. Its passage through the box office did not make much noise, but when it arrived on Netflix it seems that everything changed.

In the streaming video service his popularity grew and for weeks he was on the most viewed lists. So we assume that Netflix considered making an animated series that they have now announced is in the works. Yes, an original production to be called Angry Birds: Summer Madness.

In this series, made up of 40 episodes of 11 minutes each, we will see the adventures of Red, Bomb and Chuck during their preadolescent stage in a summer camp where they will coincide with other popular characters, some of them from more games recent. And no, neither will the pigs nor the chaos that always reigns in each of their adventures be missing. All with a renewed aesthetic.

Produced by Netflix, the children’s production company CAKE and Rovio Entertaiment, The person in charge of directing this new original production of the platform will be Curtis Lelash, who has already commented on some details of what he hopes to achieve with it.

Angry Birds has been an amazing phenomenon for kids around the world and we are excited to bring them to Netflix’s nest, where they will be more angry than ever.

We will see how the bet comes out. It is true that if the first film delivery of Angry Birds was not very good, the second part recovered a little more essence of the first game which we liked so much when it was released in 2009. A game that, even now, is quite fun to play again.

If it works out well and curdles, in order to attract the smallest audience it will be interesting. Even more when Disney + has reached more countries and its catalog is very oriented to satisfy the tastes of the youngest of the house. Of course, we will have to wait until 2021 to see it.