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The new Rubik’s cube with Bluetooth, what for?

The connected Rubik’s cube

The magic cube, as this puzzle devised in 1974 by the Hungarian Erno Rubik was originally known, is one of the most popular puzzles worldwide. So much so that for many it is directly an object of worship and obsession. Getting to create numerous variants that add more faces to increase the difficulty of this original idea of ​​Rubik.

Well, the company behind the official Rubik’s cube has released a new version: Connected Cube. This has the particularity of the possibility of connecting to a mobile phone or tablet through the bluetooth connection that integrates. And of course, you will ask yourself now what you want me for and if it really is necessary.

Well, the answer will depend. If you just want a Rubik’s cube to solve at home during those downtimes, you don’t need it. And, in addition, you can opt for the cube that is really used in competitions with its magnet system that allows faster and more precise rotations.

However, if you are not an expert in solving this type of puzzle, but it attracts you; or yes you are and you want to be able to compete online, then the new cube not only interests you but you have to do with one right now. Because thanks to this Connected Cube, professional and amateur users will be able to participate in the 2020 Red Bull Rubik’s World Cup which will begin next August 15 through the Rubik’s Arena platform and will end with the final on November 7.

Connected Cube Price

The price of this Connected Cube will be $ 49.95 and can be purchased from next August 18. So, if you are an unconditional fan, go preparing for a new proposal with which you can compete against friends and other users around the world without leaving home.

What’s more, this new cube really isn’t the first with a Bluetooth connection. He GoCube (created for STEM uses) already offers such connectivity with mobile devices, although it is somewhat more expensive: 89.95 euros. Anyway, as they both use the same platform, they can use it interchangeably for these online competitions if you are interested in them.

What is true is that we do not believe that the times obtained in face-to-face events will be exceeded. Because as we said before, the cubes differ, they are heavier than the original and the system of magnets that is not present will hinder those inhuman movements that some make to solve this puzzle in a record time of less than 4 seconds.

On Netflix you have the recently released documentary Speedcubers that tells how those who make a living by solving the famous cube prepare for each of the competitions they participate in and that you will be surprised by the number of people who are able to move around the world. That is why we told you for some it is an object of worship and obsession.

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