New Polaroid with autofocus

If you like the world of photography, surely you know the Polaroid brand. One of those classic brands and easy to recognize thanks to what they achieved with the design of their cameras, although in this case it also played in their favor that possibility that they offered to instantly reveal the photo that had been taken.

Well, after a dark period in which they almost disappeared due to the rise of digital photography, the brand returned to the market reinventing its product thanks to the integration of a small portable printing system through special papers that did not require a printing system. ink cartridges.

Thanks to that, although the smartphone became and continues to be the king in everything related to photography, Polaroid cameras have been gaining a greater presence and becoming a perfect gift for any photography enthusiast. In addition, physically it still retains that appeal of the original design.

The new one Polaroid Now It is the last of his proposals and if the previous ones attracted you physically, this will do even more. The camera is priced at $ 129 and is physically very eye-catching.

But these cameras have never offered much quality, right? It is true that compared to other cameras you can not expect the same results in sharpness, color, etc., nor the possibility of printing at different sizes, but all those limitations are also part of its appeal.

The good thing about this camera is that have added an autofocus system that something simpler will make taking sharp photos, or something sharper, in everyday situations. Although as we have said, the look you get is one of its charms. As, for example, it also happens with Lomo cameras.

Otherwise, the camera includes a viewfinder that is also reminiscent of the original camera and a flash for those situations with less light or where we want to find a creative effect. And on the printing system, resort to the use of i-Type Film. This requires about 10 to 15 minutes per print.

This of the use of a special paper is what causes some rejection, for the cost of each photo. The price of each photograph is about two dollars, so it is not to go taking photos like crazy. But to capture everyday moments or for certain projects it is still very interesting.

In summary, this is a camera that, like other similar proposals, is very particular. But for its colorful design and retired airs, as well as for that characteristic style of its photographs, it is as interesting as it is attractive. Ideal to give to any lover of photography.