The new Panasonic VR glasses will make you a Futurama Bender, but at least you’ll enjoy HDR

The new Panasonic VR glasses will make you a Futurama Bender, but at least you'll enjoy HDR

The first VR glasses with HDR

Panasonic glasses Bender

The product is for now an idea that has practically come out of the conceptual period, but that is far from having an upcoming commercial outlet. The great attraction of this product is that Panasonic has managed to erase the virtual reality visor / helmet aesthetics we are used to offer a product that truly feels like glasses.

The problem is that the two micro OLED panels hidden inside still need certain dimensions, so the glasses attract a lot of attention when you have them on. Let’s say it makes you something like Bender, the nice Futurama robot, but at least this model can already be used as normal glasses, so we don’t need harnesses or straps to hold it on the head.

The product accumulates technologies from many of Panasonic’s branches, since it has Technics headphones to offer high-quality dynamic audio, Lumix division optics and image signal processing technologies used in Blu-Ray televisions and players Of the brand.

Panasonic VR Glasses HDR

According to the first impressions of many media that have been able to test them at CES, these glasses offer an excellent resolution thanks to the OLED panels used, something that allows to achieve a magnificent definition, making the annoying Screen-door effect disappear, which is nothing more than the possibility of seeing the lines of separation between the pixels of the screen. In addition, they highlight the incredible HDR effect they achieve, however, in the tested prototype there was a limitation of the panels that leaves a poor viewing surface that did not cover the entire viewing angle of the person who was using the glasses.

Another of the problems encountered is that even though they were glasses and not a viewfinder, the frontal area was still slightly heavy, and the odd movement affected their stability, since they ended up slipping down the nose. According The verge, another exposed mockup model featured a single USB-C connection and felt lighter and more comfortable to use than the prototype with the hanging communication cables.

A prototype for now very limited

Panasonic VR Glasses HDR

As we said before, these virtual reality glasses have a very different objective than you could imagine. Instead of looking for the final consumer, Panasonic might have other types of professional uses in mind, so for now we will have to wait a long time to find a commercial solution with which to view your entire movie library with comfort and privacy.


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