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The new Lomography lets you take photos with unique filters

HydroCrome Sutton

If you are fond of the subject of cameras and at some point analog photography has caught your attention, it is very likely that you know the Lomography brand. It has been manufacturing very particular and attractive products for years, analog cameras that now take a step forward with a camera whose filters you can create using liquids.

Yes, you are reading well, the new HydroCrome Sutton is a analog camera with an important particularity, its lens offers a space between two crystals that you can fill with the liquids you want.

This will give you creative options of all kinds when it comes to obtaining results that may end up being unrepeatable. Because you can never again mix the same amounts of liquid and any of the elements that you can combine, such as food coloring, coffee, tea and even small substances that you can dilute and inject into said lens. They themselves share a guide to understand how to work with these liquids and their recommendations.

For this injection of liquids, the lens incorporates two small tubes that serve both for the inlet and outlet of liquids. Thus, it does not matter if you fill it with a liquid with green, red, blue or whatever color colorant, because then you can empty, clean and refill.

For the rest, this new Lomography camera is still just another analog camera like the rest of the catalog offered by the brand. That means you do not have the possibility to take photos infinitely and without cost some as it happens with digital photography. Although that does not detract from its appeal, and for users who like to experiment it may be the best gift.

Regarding some technical details that might interest you, the camera lens offers a focal length of 32mm that is combined with apertures of f11 and f168 that capture the light and capture it on a panoramic 35mm film.

A camera for creative projects and experimentation

As we have said before, the new HydroCrome Sutton from Lomography It is a very particular proposal and not at all a camera for everyone. It is aimed at lovers of the brand and analog photography, all those users who like to experiment and value creativity more than that super sharpness and colors offered by today’s great digital cameras, such as the Canon EBoxS R5.

Therefore, if you consider acquiring one, you must be very clear about all this. That you are going to have a limited number of photographs and that it is to capture photos slowly, thinking about each shot or looking for more creativity than the most perfect technique. If you are still interested, it will be on sale in your official store from the month of November yet price of 79 dollars.


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