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The Formula 1 circus arrives at GTA Online

This is Open Wheel Races, the new mode of GTA Online The Rockstar and GTA V, especially with its online mode, remains somewhat admirable. Despite...

Fortnite: 8 year old hired for $ 33,000 by eSports team

Joseph Deen, an 8-year-old American child, was hired to play Fortnite at a professional level by...

You can now pre-order the PlayStation 5 on Amazon (run or lose it)

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Xiaomi Reveals Plans for MIUI Distribution 10

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The new James Bond movie will have to wait until 2021

No time to die or premiere

James Bond has been the protagonist of film news in recent weeks and not only because of the rumor about Tom Hardy as a possible new agent 007, an idea that does not displease many although it does displace others because of what they were used to seeing until now with the different actors who played Agent 007. With the exception of Daniel Craig, the last Bond who also broke with that image more, let’s call it, classic.

What has made Bond on everyone’s lips has been, on the one hand, the final trailer for the new film, No Time to Die. Packed with action and with the kind of details that all fans of Agent 007 love to see. Like car headlights with built-in submachine guns. And on the other hand, for the official video clip with the Main theme of the film performed by Billie Eilish. A song with incredible arrangements. Better than Adele’s with Skyfall? Well, let each one judge.

However, the news that will generate the most headlines is the delay of the last film that should have already been released at the beginning of the year, which was later said to arrive at the end of November and finally, as Universal finally confirmed will be leaving next year. No Time to Die will be released on April 2, 2021. Again if nothing stops it when the day comes.

One year, that will be the time that will be delayed and it is a nuisance for all the fans of 007, but also the demonstration that nobody knows what to do in the film industry to be able to maintain what they had achieved for years, income that would make that pay off the investment. Because what Mulan or Tener has done has not worked either.

The first one premiered on Disney + and the income generated through Premium access on the platform has not been equal to what can be obtained at the box office. Y Tenet, the last of Nolan, insisted on doing it, but with the current situation caused by the pandemic barely generated 290 million box office revenue.

Therefore, Universal does not want this to happen with what is the 25th Bond film and with which Daniel Craig says goodbye to his role as an MI6 agent. A decision that is understandable, although as a user it affects us and we think that on our super TV at home we would see it the same or better than in the rooms. So let’s see what happens in a few months, but if there are no big changes, 2021 will be an equally bad year for the seventh art as 2020 is being.

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Fortnite: 8 year old hired for $ 33,000 by eSports team

Joseph Deen, an 8-year-old American child, was hired to play Fortnite at a professional level by...

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