The new interactive map of The Witcher clarifies where and when each event happened

The new interactive map of The Witcher clarifies where and when each event happened

The Witcher interactive map

Not long ago, Netflix published a timeline that helped locate the main events seen during this first season of The Wticher. Thanks to her, if you had not read or played her games, it was easier to locate and understand what happened and when Geralt ends up meeting Ciri.

The Witcher Conjunction of the spheres

Now what they publish is an interactive map where you will have different lines and in each of them the different points of interest. Thus, in chronological order and with some quite striking visual effects, you will be able to know exactly what happened each year and which episode of the series tells it.

Also, next to that little summary and indicator of the episode, if you give the card that appears you will see on the side a summary of what happened and the option to join the conversation (this redirects you to the Witcher account on Twitter to continue with the topic on social networks).

On the map it must also be said that you will not only find data related to what you have seen in the series, there are some others that are important for the whole story. For example, the moment when the first sorcerer was created, the point of the continent where humans and beasts arrived during the event of Conjunction of the spheres, etc.

Anyway, numerous details in an extra content that help to deepen more in this world and to understand better what has happened in the first season of The Witcher. And as this winks and curiosities takes a lot, when you reach the end of the timeline if you try to keep moving forward you find a message that only the most fans of the saga and the games will know what they mean.

Ok, let’s help you. When you pass the year 1264 you can read the message “Va’esse deireadh aep eigean, va’esse eighth faid’har” that would come to say something like “Something ends, something begins”. Which could be a clear reference to that second season that is already confirmed and that will arrive in 2021 according to the latest data.

Meanwhile, either you cheer up and watch the series if you have not already done so or read Andrzej Sapkowski’s books if you were left wanting more about Geralt de Rivia and his adventures. And of course this map, that if you are also one of those who like to browse maps based on fantasy worlds, surely you like it.


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