The new games for Xbox Game Pass that arrive in March

The new games for Xbox Game Pass that arrive in March

Ori and the Will of the Wisp

The news that come to the Xbox Game Pass catalog in March are quite striking, and this month a new launch of Microsoft Studios sneaks in, since Ori and the Will of the Wisp It will arrive from March 11 to continue with the spectacular adventure that amazed us so much in the first installment.

Spectacular landscapes with a visual display that will hardly attract your attention, and in addition to the visual, an incredible soundtrack will do the rest so that you stay completely stuck in front of the screen. We really wanted to receive this new installment, so we just have to wait a few days to start the new adventure.

NBA 2K20

Another of the games that will be included this month is NBA 2K20. Taking into account the importance and weight of the saga, we are facing one of the biggest releases of the month, as players can play the last installment of 2K Games, which is possibly the best basketball game there is.

An exquisite gameplay, graphics and animations that remove the hiccups, and a multiplayer game mode that will immediately catch you in the peculiar neighborhood, a meeting area where players can meet, challenge games and improve their character.

Train Sim World 2020

Did you miss the simulators? With Train Sim World 2020 You can become a real driver or train operator. The details included will allow us to choose from the uniform of our character, to manage and operate train machines in dozens of countries. As an extra, the game includes add-ons that will allow you to buy new transport routes so that the fun never ends.

There is no doubt that it is a very niche game, but it is still curious how much accuracy simulators reach today. To give you an idea we leave you with this gameplay so you can keep an eye on it.


The last of the incorporations comes from the hand of Devolver Digital, since Pikuniku It is a fun platform game in which we can play alone or cooperatively. Its colorful color palette and simple graphics make it quite striking, not to mention our elastic protagonist, which will offer us fun situations with the characters that we will find along the way.


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