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The new Chromecast with Android TV is closer

Get ready for the new Chromecast

Chromecast Android TV

For a few months we have already talked about a new Chromecast. A device that this time would change radically with respect to the current versions. And it is that not only would it allow to send content from the mobile phone or any other compatible device such as the Chromecast protocol, it would also give the option of being able to use it independently thanks to Android TV.

Codenamed Sabrina, new devices registered with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission of the United States) receive the model number GZRNL and G9N9N. The first is described as a device for sending multimedia streaming while the second makes references to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, which could indicate that it is the remote controller.

Until now there was not much data, but that the FCC begins to have it is an indicator that its official presentation could be rather close. In addition, it is also rumored with the announcement of the new Pixel 5. So you have to be vigilant if you are looking for an option that allows you to revitalize your old television and for which the current solutions do not convince you, either because of price or technical capabilities.

What we expect from the new Chromecast

Chromecast Android TV

As we have already talked about on occasion, what we expect from the new Chromecast is mainly a greater smartphone independence. That is, you can access and play content without the need for it to be through a phone, tablet or computer from which content is sent to you.

This is something that will surely end up happening. Because here there is not only support for chromecast, there is also Android TV as an intelligent platform for the television and we already know what it offers: access to a multitude of online content services, a wide variety of Android applications available in the Android TV app store , etc.

Of course, we hope that at the power level it is not left behind. It is true that to be competitive in price, its hardware cannot reach what the Nvidia Shield offers, but maintaining certain requirements would allow it to stand out above proposals such as Amazon’s Fire TV or the recent Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. Devices that are connected directly to HDMI and that work really well, although in terms of 3D performance they lose a lot.

Therefore, something in between could be the key for the new chromecast of 2020 It turns out to be a real bombshell in which it becomes increasingly difficult to get a really striking device.

Buy the new Chromecast

To buy the new Chromecast is still missing. We don’t know exactly when it will be released, but it is expected to be little. Perhaps when the rumored Pixel 5 is released this new device could arrive for the TV. So if the current proposals to give life to your TV or monitor with HDMI input do not convince you, do not lose sight of this next launch.

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