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Sony – End of service My Xperia indicates brand feature optimization

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Huawei attacks Samsung for slowing smartphones with updates

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Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 3 Pro with 20,000mAh is now pre-order

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The mythical Pong also has its mini portable console

The Atari Mini Pong Jr arrives

Atari Mini Pong Jr

Atari continues to harness the potential of its brands to launch compelling products to appeal to audiences, so now that we are involved in a fad of launching miniature consoles, why not launch a version of Pong! laptop? The result is a mix between the arcade machine that filled the arcades of the 70s and the version of the home console that Atari launched with the same game.

With the name of Atari Mini Pong Jr, this small console incorporates a screen of 7.9 inch With which you can enjoy games between two players thanks to the spinners that are included (the wheels that allow you to handle the cursor in the game).

Play alone or accompanied

Atari Mini Pong Jr

As long as you have a friend ready to succumb to your skills as a retro tennis player, you can play 1v1 without problems thanks to the famous horizontal screen system that debuted the game in its original launch. But, in addition, the console offers an artificial intelligence with 10 levels of difficulty against which to practice individually.

Although the original interface of the game was only shown in monochrome for obvious reasons, this new version incorporates a color effect with which to decorate the victories against your rivals, so in addition to enjoying the simple movement from left to right of the tablet, We will also have more modern effects according to the times (although it is a sad colored confetti, do not expect much more).

When can it be purchased?

Atari Mini Pong Jr

Atari has been quite concise in its announcement, preferring to leave the details of the price and the launch date for later. Of course, it seems that its commercialization will be limited to the United States and Asia, so it is very likely that Europe will be left out of this launch. We’ll see what finally happens. So for now, we will have to settle for the presentation video and its list of features, although hey, there probably isn’t much to tell about a console that only plays Pong, right?


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