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The Motorola RAZR folding is discarded: that’s how it is inside

Motorola RAZR 2019, a complex folding

Since the foldable phones appeared, the world walks divided. There are those who think that this is undoubtedly the (closest) future in the world of telephony and those who believe that this will be like 3D on TVs – a novelty with the days counted to which there is still much to be implemented.

The RAZR 2019 helped tilt the balance a bit towards the most optimistic. Unlike the Huawei and Samsung models, the Motorola team presents other type of design which adapts much better to the conception we have of the telephone. And that involves important internal work, of course.

This is demonstrated by the video recorded by the people of the YouTube channel PBKreviews, where they scramble the RAZR to show us their inside. As you can see a little below, all the phone components are distributed taking advantage of the two clearly differentiated sections of the phone.

RAZR 2019

This is the case of the battery (there are two modules, one on each side of the hinge), the fingerprint sensor, the communication antennas and the USB-C port (in the lower area, which is wider) and the front cameras and rear and outer screen (located in the upper half). One of the last elements that are placed, as intuited by this dismembered, is the own flexible screen.

RAZR 2019

It is also clear with the video that its disassembly is somewhat complex and therefore something not available to everyone. Those who have sometimes dared to open their equipment with a view to replacing the screen, changing the battery or manipulating any other component will find an important obstacle here.

It is not our impression. Those responsible for the video indicate, for example, that the first step to open this Motorola is to apply heat and pry on the case, something that might sound simple but actually turns out «quite difficult«.

RAZR (2019) by Motorola in parts: video

Without further ado, take a look at the recording and let us hypnotize by the exploded view We imagine that now that the phone is put into circulation we will soon see how the people of iFixit (the best known website when performing this type of “delicate” tasks) is also responsible for separating the phone piece by piece.

Don’t worry, if they discover something new, we’ll let you know around here to calm your curiosity. meanwhile press the play and enjoy the views:

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