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The mansion that Star Wars fans dream of

The 26 million dollar mansion that Star Wars fans dream of

That there are people who invest time and money in customize a room or complete house on a specific subject is not surprising. Surely you have seen houses with a singer as the protagonist, video game or, as is the case, a movie or series of movies.

The difference, which makes some draw attention above others is the level of details and key things that you could create. In this mansion, in addition to the extension and the property’s own value, some areas that we now show you are striking.

Star wars mansion

And, in the basement, its owner has set up a whole mini theme park or museum that It revolves around Star Wars. If you look, there are a lot of figures and objects from Star Wars that more than one would like to have. Model ships and characters known to most.

Although what most attracts attention are those figures in real size of characters like Yoda or Darth Vader and some rooms and areas. For example, the one that recreates the Star Wars canteen: a new hope, the Home Cinema room with Chewbacca or the one with X-Wing on the hanging ceiling.

Star Wars Home Cinema

These objects are not accessories but custom made replicas. The owner argues that these do not have the level of detail he seeks. And of course, we are aware that if you have money to pay for the house, why not also pay to have those accessories just as he wants.

Located in Los AngelesIn addition to everything related to Star Wars in the basement, this mansion also has a gym, swimming pools and many more luxuries than, if by any chance you have 26 million dollars you can buy yourself It’s not good for us right now, so we miss the opportunity for another occasion.

Other houses for authentic geeks

If you are interested in any particular subject, it is likely that a simple search of the time “the house for fans of …” will show you different results. Depending on the economic capabilities of each one, you will find different results, but there are those who with little get much, since with some imagination and some elements that anyone could acquire, a good atmosphere is achieved.

For example, above one with the theme of Star Treck, the other great space saga. And just below these lines, a house inspired by Harry Potter quite convincing. The only problem, that you end up having a fever through such series, movies or video games. But if you reach that level, it probably won’t happen.

Harry Potter Home

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