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The Mandalorian 2: Celebrate Its Arrival With These Amazing Posters

The return of the Mandalorian

The hit Disney + series is about to candy for its return. After a fantastic first season, the fiction belonging to the star wars franchise It will continue to captivate us with a second season about which we know rather little at the moment.

Thanks to some leaks and also official data, yes, we know certain details, such as that this second season consists of 8 chapters, that we will have the appearance of new characters (already seen in other projects of the franchise) and that the objective of the protagonist remains clear: to find the origin of The Child and return it with their own, although such a mission will encounter a good number of obstacles along the way.

If you are a fan of the series, we probably don’t need to remind you of its arrival tomorrow Friday, but just in case it has caught you by surprise, a good way to feed the hype and refresh memory is with the latest images that the official account has shared of fiction on Twitter.

Season 2 posters

Looking to make noise before the imminent arrival and incidentally remind everyone that the first episode of the new season is about to fall, the official account of The Mandalorian on Twitter he has shared up to eight posters inspired by the series that always have the same slogan: «This is the way” (This is the way).

As you may already know, this phrase represents the philosophy and way of acting of the Mandalorians and is repeated several times during season 1. Also in the second installment we will hear such an important expression that we could almost compare it to “May the force be with you” from the Star Wars Skywalker Saga.

The particular thing about the images, beyond the fact that they all show different montages that are always entertaining to watch, is that the aforementioned phrase is shown translated into different languages, so that in addition to English and English (in two versions, English and Latin), you will read it in Portuguese, French, Japanese, German and Italian -we assume that they correspond to the languages ​​in which the series has been translated up to now on Disney +.

Without a doubt, a nice way to review languages ​​(or learn at least one phrase) that we leave you right below. Choose your favorite poster.

* Note to the reader: the link to Amazon in this article is part of our agreement with their Affiliate Program. Even so, our recommendations are always created freely, without attending to any type of request from the mentioned brands.


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