The latest James Bond on HBO or Netflix? It has come to pose

The latest James Bond on HBO or Netflix? It has come to pose

A very complicated year for the cinema

We will not tell you anything new if we tell you that the Cinema industry is hitting rock bottom. The long periods of quarantine forced the complete closure of the rooms, causing an unprecedented stoppage. Not only that. If after the de-escalation, we had been able to go en masse to the cinema, the business could have started to recover, however, an opening that has taken longer than expected and some measures (necessary, for our own safety) that forced us to limit the capacity has ended causing the billboards to walk practically deserted.

Many firms have chosen to postpone their releases for next year, knocking down other titles in a chain, while others have even dared to try it directly in the streaming platforms, jumping to the big screen.


The most notorious case was that of Mulan, that after shuffling several alternative dates, he surprised by sneaking into the Disney + catalog. This was quite a traicion for the movie theaters that saw how Disney left them without one of the great titles of the year, but it would be better that they go stomach because perhaps it is not the only film that gives them a similar “surprise” …

No Time to Die went straight to streaming

If you are a fan of the stories of agent James Bond, you will know that this end of the year the premiere of No Time To Die. The film, however, and like many others, has moved to 2021, but not before having seriously considered a jump to some on-demand content platform. What you are reading.

This is reported in Variety, where they point out that executives of MGM (owner of its distribution rights) were considering selling the film to a streaming service. Specifically, it seems that the Apple platform and the famous Netflix were raised on the table, which could have bought the rights for 600 million dollars.

No time to die

However, the deal was not that simple. Many companies are involved in a project of this budget, including sponsors such as Land Rover or Heineken, as well as production partners and even theatrical distributors who have already signed for their rights with Universal Pictures for distribution abroad.

This makes the deal tremendously complex, which would have ultimately resulted in the idea being aborted. MGM has chosen not to confirm or deny this information, claiming that they do not comment on rumors. They have also reaffirmed that «the movie is not for sale“And that the premiere of the film has been postponed until April 2021 to” preserve the theatrical experience of moviegoers. “


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