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The Last of Us will have a series on HBO, it’s official!

The Last of Us series

If there was something that many fans of video games were waiting for, it was none other than this. HBO first and Naughty Dog have confirmed on social networks and through a statement that they give the green light to the project bring The Last of Us to the television series format. Yes, as you are reading it.

With this confirmation, all the fans of the video game will be clapping their hands with joy, for what it means and because we must admit that this is a story that deserves this and much more. So, if by any chance you are not sure what it is about, we will tell you everything that is known so far. It is not much, but it is enough to think that it is going to be one of the important series of HBO.

The first thing is that this television adaptation of The Last of US It will be produced by Sony’s Playstation Productions and will premiere on HBO. There is no data on the actors, after all it is a project in its early stages of development, in addition to the fact that we are still in a complex situation, so the processes cannot be accelerated much.

What is known is that the story that will tell follow the events of the first video game, the one in which Joel and Ellie are the two protagonists. And if you do not remember the story then we do a brief review.

The last of Us 2

Regarding who will write and produce the story, it will be Neil Druckmann with Craig Mazin. You may know the latter for being responsible for the creation of the fantastic Chernobyl. So, knowing the work done, we believe that it is logical to be excited about what we can see in the future.

So for now this is all that is known. We assume that in the coming months of 2021 there will be many more details, but for now the only thing that should matter is that there is a green light for the project, that there will be a series of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us, the story

The Last of Us HBO

On the history of The Last of Us to say that in 2013 a pandemic caused by a strain of Cordyceps fungus. This, when coming into contact with humans, turned them into what were known as the infected, carnivorous creatures without any capacity for reasoning and that after two decades had made the country live in an apocalyptic environment.

Well, between all that case one day Joel, one of the survivors and protagonists, he ends up meeting Ellie and on a mission to help her escape from Boston. The reason? It has something important that could help solve all these problems of humanity that have led to chaos. The problem is that leaving the city and crossing the United States will not be easy either for the infected or for a paramilitary group that is also after it.

So far we tell you so as not to destroy your story if by any chance you think about playing the video game. And if you like it, then you can also enjoy its second installment, The Last of Us Part 2 with another story of revenge that we also loved. Although if you don’t play them don’t worry, but don’t miss the series when it premieres.


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