The Nintendo 64 you could carry in your pocket

The modder community has always been to take your hat off. The ability they have demonstrated over the years to modify, adapt or create new products from existing ones seems to have no limits, and a proof of this is the latest work by GmanModz.

This modder thought that doing a more portable and smaller version even what had been seen with the Nintendo 64 was a good idea. And yes, seen what we have seen, we have to agree with him. Because the result is surprising and the first thing you think is “I want a portable Nintendo 64 like that.” But we must also admit it, this is not a project available to everyone.

In the video that you can see above, GmanModz shows and explains some interesting aspects of the project. Because if you remember what the original Nintendo 64 is like and what this portable version is like, surely you have already noticed the adaptations that must have been made to your electronics to get it into that case.

Without going further, the Nintendo 64 motherboard had to be cut, which meant relocating key components such as the cartridge reader and other basic elements for the control and operation of the system. Something you need to have knowledge and imagination to find the best possible solution without messing up the console.

Once this was done, the next step was to design and print with a 3D printer that case that will remind you of the classic GameBoy Advance SP. In the end, the result is a very striking device where there are also very attractive components such as the small used LCD and the image quality it offers or the best (most comfortable) control compared to the original remote.

Nintendo 64 portable

Those who had a Nintendo 64 are sure to be even more amazed with this modification, but in general any video game fan will surely find it striking and interesting. Although we doubt that many of the current owners of one of these consoles were able to launch into a project of this type.

Equal, if what you want is to enjoy these games wherever we go, the best thing is to resort to emulators. And keep intact the Nintendo 64 at home, a console that marked the history of video games with titles like Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 or that wonderful The Legend of Zelda: Ocarine of Time which, for many, is one of the best games in the saga. Although as a challenge it is surprising and one of the best portable versions that we have seen. What do you think?