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As might be expected, Samsung has managed to shake the smartphone market once again with the...

Xiaomi Redmi K30 (Mi 10T) will support 5G, but will have MediaTek processor

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PUBG: This is the best song about the game you will hear (parody)

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is one of the best games of the moment. Whether...

PUBG Mobile and 117 other Chinese apps have been banned from India

The government of India has just banned a total of 118 applications for mobile devices mostly...

The Google Assistant will stop recording your conversations and will become smarter

More privacy from the Google Assistant

Google has announced at CES that its smart assistant will include quite a few new features, but before going to list them, let’s focus on a new feature that will reassure those obsessed with preventing Google from spying on their data. As the giant has announced, its intelligent assistant includes the call standby mode, a modality that will keep the microphone at rest and that will only activate it when we recite the magic words “Ok Google”.

But, in addition, they want to offer more control to the user, so for this they have included the commands “Ok Google, that’s not for you” or “Ok Google, are you saving my audio data?”. With the first one we can eliminate an erroneous interaction by a false command, and the second one will allow us to review the privacy control settings.

Easier Settings

Among the new functions that will reach the assistant is the semi-automatic configuration, which will be responsible for adding the new smart devices that we install at home. As soon as we start the configuration with the manufacturer’s application, the Google assistant will send a notification notifying that it has detected a new device and automatically import the configuration without re-entering the service password.

Scheduled actions

Another novelty is the calls Scheduled actions, which will allow you to set time schedules for certain tasks and actions, such as turning on a light at one hour or a stove every morning before getting out of bed.

A more familiar assistant

Given that attendees are used by all family members, it makes perfect sense that these devices are used as a message center. With that idea Google will include in a few months the Huosehold Notes, a virtual post-it that will appear on the Google Nest Home screen and that will allow to leave visual messages to the rest of the family members. It is curious because it is still a rudimentary solution based on something as simple as paper.

Better reading of long texts

The assistant will also improve your reading ability, feeling more natural when it comes to recite long texts. We will only have to say “Ok Google, read this page” or “Ok Google, read it” and the assistant will read the entire page or document more naturally than before.

Many of these functions will arrive in the coming months, although some may come soon as soon as the manufacturer updates its services.

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