Thirty years of lonely

Microsoft Solitaire was originally released with Windows version 3.0 in 1990 and has since been present in all editions of the operating system. There was a break and it was not integrated by default with Windows 8, but then it came back. Although it can still be easily downloaded from Microsoft’s Windows Store in a collection that brings together all versions.

Now he is thirty years old and beyond celebrating his birthday, it is not bad to meet that age and continue, let’s talk about some curious details that you did not know and surely will attract your attention.

The first is that Solitaire really is a game that was originally known as Klondike. The Windows version has been translated into 65 languages, although there wasn’t much to translate, and it is played in more than 200 markets. As we said before, his debut was in 1990 and since then it has been ubiquitous.

However, the most striking of all is knowing what was the origin or initial idea to create it: teaching the user to use the mouse. Yes, just as Minesweeper familiarized you with left and right click, the Lonely used to using drag and drop.

We assume you know how to play Solitaire, but just in case, here you must do is order the four suits in descending order while you are stealing. When you get it the game ends and you win. And yes, as the name suggests, it is a game to play only.

Well, if that initial purpose surprises you, pay attention to the following. From the moment it debuted until now millions of users have played it, but the most incredible thing is that today 35 million people a month are still having fun with it, which generates a total of 100 million daily hands.

Without a doubt, with all this it is normal that in 2019 the game entered the World Video Game Hall of Fame. And is that, who has not at any time cast a game to Solitaire.

How to get all the classic Solitaire games

Even though there are many versions of the Solitaire game, if you miss some of the Windows classics, the company grouped them all into one called Microsoft Solitaire Collection which you can download for free from the Microsoft app store.

Although if it catches your attention and you want to play it from any other computer, you have the version to play it in the browser or those that also exist for mobile devices with both operating systems. iOS or Android, so you decide. In case you want something other than what Game Pass offers.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection
Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection
Microsoft Solitaire Collection