Alexa, let’s play

Lego Mindstorms Voice Challenge It is the name of the challenge jointly launched by Amazon and Lego to create interactions between the Alexa and its famous robotic kit. A competition in which anyone could participate and that would have as prizes a trip to Lego headquarters in Denmark and up to $ 20,000 in Amazon gift cards.

At the end of January the winners were announced and the truth is that they not only surprise how the ideas were implemented, but also to show that the future of toys that integrate with voice assistants is so close that you should get used already.

The winning project This is what you can see in the video above. A kind of Simon, Trivial and Carrera to the top where Alexa is asking questions that participants have to answer. To do so in an orderly manner, with Lego Mindstorm, the four buttons were created and also the entire system that moves the Lego figures representing each player.

As you can see, the idea is great and is very implemented. Although the most interesting of all is that this is nothing more than the demonstration of what comes in game themes. If you still have doubts, start clearing them, toys with integration with different voice assistants They will become popular in the coming months.

The other projects had as protagonist a pet that you can teach to sit, although the favorite for many is the one that prepares you some waffles just by asking.

The best games for Alexa

Although for now it is not usual to see toys with integration with Alexa or Google Assistant, you can run some games with which you can have a good time, either alone or in meetings with friends.

True or false

A game that, as the name implies, tries to answer the questions asked to you with true or false. You can play it with up to 20 people and it’s fun for those meetings with friends. To activate it on your Amazon Echo you just have to visit this link.

Sink the float

Install this skill and you can start playing the classic game of sinking the fleet. So, if you are passionate about this memory game and you have no one to play with … you know, your Amazon Echo and solved.

Guess the song

If you think you have a good musical culture, you may like this game for Alexa quite a bit. The Amazon assistant gives you an action and you must find out what it is. With more than a hundred songs, you’re sure to have a good time, and by the way who knows if you even discover a new title you didn’t know. Download from here.

The game of statues

Alexa plays music and while it sounds you can move, dance or whatever you want, but when I stop you will have to stay still like a statue. If not, you lose. To play with the little ones in the house is very fun. Activate the skill from here.

As you can see, you have different options that you can already try and in the section of Skills From Alexa there are many more. It’s a matter of seeing which ones and choosing. And if you want to play with Google Assistant, then you can too. Just say “OK Google, I want to play” and it will show you a list of games available on your mobile device.

And if you have an inventor’s soul, here are resources that Amazon makes available to developers so they can connect their assistant to toys and other gadgets.