The founder of Studio Ghibli does not know what Netflix is

The founder of Studio Ghibli does not know what Netflix is

Miyazaki’s blessing for Netflix and HBO

One of the great news of this 2020 level of streaming content was undoubtedly the arrival of Studio Ghibli movies on Netflix. The firm has resisted for years to distribute its contents in this way, however, at the beginning of the year the surprise It was capitalized: all films would be available on Netflix and also soon on HBO Max (a new platform that will be released in May in the US).

What changed so that finally it was decided to give the arm to twist? Obviously there is a monetary issue behind. Studio Ghibli needs money to continue producing more movies and Netflix and HBO Max could offer you a lot for its famous animated content. This has been recognized Toshio Suzuki, former president of Studio Ghibli and current producer of the company, who has stated quite frankly, in an interview granted to the media, that the main motivation was the money: “Hayao Miyazaki He’s currently making a movie, but that takes a long time. And, of course, money ».

Miyazaki and Suzuki

Suzuki – in the image above with Miyazaki – refers to the film How do you live? Although Miyazaki promised to retire when the production of The Wind Rises (The wind rises), the director has become involved again in this new project, which still has enough to be completed.

However, even though economic mobile is evident and confirmed, there is another reason which has facilitated this concession after years of “veto”. As Suzuki himself has confessed, in order to make a decision such as the agreement with Netflix and HBO Max, it needs the approval of Miyazaki, who has entered the ring for not knowing exactly what Netflix is: «Miyazaki does not know what streaming services are. ]…]It does not use computers or smartphones ». Thanks to that, the producer could convince him to lift the digital ban that they maintained and sell the transmission rights of the Ghibli catalog to external companies.

Even with this, the founder has knowledge of the films that are made on Netflix and in fact, it is not ruled out that Studio Ghibli creates the occasional title exclusively for the firm.

A catalog with Studio Ghibli flavor

A total of 21 movies They were announced to land in the Netflix catalog. Of course, the premiere has been produced in a dosed way, so that from February to April, the platform has planned a dosing strategy with which to give users access to the content little by little.

So far we have seen two waves arrive that have left us in the catalog the availability of The castle in the sky, Porco Rosso, My neighbor Totoro, Kiki: home delivery, Tales of Terramar, Memories of yesterday, I can hear the sea, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, My neighbors the Yamada, The return of the cat, Chihiro’s journey, Arrietty and the world of the tiny ones, and The story of Princess Kaguya.

Princess Monoke

The third phase will be in April, when the latest catalog titles are released: The raccoon war, Whispers of the heart, The amazing walking castle, The secret of the little mermaid, The hill of poppies, The wind rises and The memory of Marnie.


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