This is Open Wheel Races, the new mode of GTA Online

The Rockstar and GTA V, especially with its online mode, remains somewhat admirable. Despite the years he has been active the company seems to have no intention of abandoning it. Every now and then he is releasing new content for his online mode and today he plays one that will delight fans of the world of motor and car racing.

Open Wheel Races It is a new game mode where you will have the possibility to compete in quite complete car races and with a more professional touch thanks to the configuration options you will have. And, not only will you have to compete to see who is the fastest, also choose well with what type of car and extras you will.

Another interesting detail is that cars will have an extra boost system for the key moments of the race, so you’ll have to be aware and measure when it’s the right time to use it.

For example, before the race you will have the option of choose what type of tire you are going to use. And if you are fond of the motor world, you will know that the type of rubber will give you advantages or disadvantages depending on the terrain and the weather of the race itself. Because a hard, intermediate or soft tire is not the same. Both for durability in the race and for grip.

In addition, there will be other elements that you can improve and will affect key parts of the car and its aerodynamics. Although the most striking is that you will have to be careful in the race, because coke with other cars or the circuit itself will cause damage that will cause you to lose parts. And if you lose a spoiler, for example, you will notice that the speed or responsiveness will vary.

Open Wheel Races GTA Online configuration options

With option also, when you are the organizer of a race, to choose the number of laps (between 5 and 25), the total number of circuits in San Area Prix will be seven and all with a different layout as is logical. And finally, you will have two new cars that you can choose: the Progen PR4 and Ocelot R88.

How to access Open Wheel Races mode

If you want to access this new GTA Online game mode, all you have to do is go to the Activities tab of the Online section. Or, the other option is to drive to the new icon of the series of races that you will see on the map of Los Santos, near the International Airport of Los Santos.

So you know, if you keep spending hours on the game or if you feel like coming back, now you have a new game mode with which we are sure you will enjoy a lot.