Stranger Things 3: an open post-credit ending

If you are a fan of Stranger ThingsSurely you remember the end of the third season. With the clínex in hand and the knot still in the throat, we were all surprised to see that there was a post-credit scene that not only left the door open for the next installment; he also sowed doubt about whether “the American” they referred to when talking about prisoners in a dark Russian laboratory was Jim Hooper:

Remember that the policeman would have sacrificed a few scenes before to save everyone else and supposedly he had been victim of a big bang However, the aforementioned mention in the post-credit and some crazy theory about the existence of a ladder (which had been seen in the plans prior to the accident) made many fans think that everything was nothing more than an “old trick” to keep us in suspense and that the character had not really died.

Stranger Things

Now it is Netflix itself that has taken care of clearing up any doubt, allowing us to verify that hooper’s death It will not be at any time a mystery to the spectator, but, possibly, an element to handle in the plot of the fourth season only for the rest of the protagonists. And how has he not let us know? Well, with the first advance of the fourth season of the series, neither more nor less.

From Russia with love…

Without waiting for it and in a totally unsuspecting way: this is how this progress has caught us. Netflix did not want to wait any longer (much less the desire to endure such news) and recently released a new video entitled «From Russia with love». Press play and check out:

As you can see, the video takes us to the cold and snowy Russia – specifically in the desolate Kamchatka peninsula – to show us a labor camp in which several people are being forced to perform forced activities under the surveillance of a good number of Russians armed. That’s when they focus on one of the slaves and we discover that it is Hooper, completely shaved, who makes a break with a remarkable attitude of fatigue.

Stranger Things Season 4

There is no more information at the moment. Netflix has taken advantage of this video to confirm that the character is alive and to announce that the production of the series is already underway. Of course, the premiere date remains a mystery so we have to wait for the content service to decide to surprise us again with such data.

Did you also bet that Hooper was alive or has caught you totally by surprise?


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