The first manned drone for stunts is only for brave dummies

The first manned drone for stunts is only for brave dummies

The first manned drone to do stunts in the air

The first great drone for stunts is ready, or so says Herbert Weirather, CEBox of the DCL. Along with what really is its important announcement, its new racing drone video games, the Dron Champions League showed this manned aircraft that is an important bet in order to offer new flight experiences.

Designed and built next to Drone Champions AG, this stunt drone has a design that reminds a lot of jet skis and speedboats. Equipped with six arms and double, the total of twelve propellers is what allows you to lift the entire weight of the drone and whoever goes inside.

Yes, after several years and months of development, the company began testing this drone that they say are prepared to do stunts with a person inside. It was first tested in indoor facilities and later outdoors. That’s when there was already … a dummy.

Indeed, although the idea of ​​offering a manned drone is very striking and attractive, it is not easy. If the drones that only seek to take people from a point A to a point B have not yet finished settling with real solution, a proposal of this type even less for the complexity of flights and stunts.

Hence, in the video, it is seen that when you do the tests of outdoor stunts it is a mannequin who ride. When a real person does it, the drone barely takes off a meter from the ground.

Therefore, despite the intention of DCL and Drone Champions AG, it seems that only daring mannequins will be the ones that can be mounted to perform pirouettes. And, although the physics that is applied to a drone of such dimensions is the same as that of smaller unmanned models, we must maximize safety measures to avoid a fatal accident.

Anyway, according to the DCL the experience was positive for them and they think that this type of vehicles will change the flight experiences of many users – who dare to ride, of course.

«I feel that this experience is, honestly, a new chapter for multi-rotor aircraft. (…) Seeing that now they can aspire to really fly such a drone is absolutely incredible, ”said Josh Bixler of Flite Test.

Controlled from the ground through the hands of the pilot Mirko Cesena, who has proven experience in the control and flight of drone racing and acrobatics, we do not deny that it should be very striking to see a drone of such dimensions fly. And almost certainly, sooner or later, this type of aircraft will be a reality. While you have to be patient and let the company use the test data to continue refining your model.


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