Cinema in vertical format, hell?

Recording and publishing video content in vertical format no longer catches anyone by surprise. Applications such as Snapchat or Instagram, among many others, have popularized it and we do not see it as something strange or perverse. Or almost, because there are always criticisms of this type of recordings that break with what we consider to be correct.

The truth is the big problem is in the duration. When the videos are short, they are more tolerable, but when they start to last for some time, it is when the brain tells you that “something is wrong.” And our panoramic vision and how the film and television industry itself has accustomed us to horizontal content weigh heavily on all this.

However, it does not matter if you consider that vertical video is right or wrong, this type of production was going to arrive sooner or later. Of course, to be strict, it will not be the first production. In 2019 the same director collaborated with Snapchat to produce a series that premiered exclusively on the platform and was also recorded vertically. So, what it seems is that it will be the first great movie or blockbuster What do you like to call it?

With a 10 million dollar budget, this production will begin shooting next week and will have two versions. One will be shot in Russian while the second will be in English. And the one in charge will be Timur Bekmambetov, Russian director who, as we said, already has experience with the format, because in 2019 he made the Dead of Night series. In the Snapchat YouTube channel you can see the episodes that make up this particular series. Which is told from the perspective of the protagonist’s phone, which must escape from a city full of zombies.

If you decide to watch it, do it from the phone and taking advantage of the YouTube player adapts to the terminal and screen position. So, vertically you will see that the video occupies the entire screen. If you like it you already know, more or less, what you can expect from your next production.

Of course, if you plan to watch it on the TV in the living room, you will have to find a support or way to place the screen vertically to take full advantage of its entire diagonal. Or buy the new one Samsung’s Sero, a newly presented TV that has the same feature: ability to rotate 90 degrees and thus adapt to the type of content that is being shown


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