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The first free PS5 game to come with PlayStation Plus is Bugsnax

Your first free game for PS5


If you are going to buy the new PlayStation 5, it is inevitable that you also sign up for the subscription service Playstation plus for more than obvious reasons. In addition to getting discounts and bonuses on the purchase of some games, the service will allow you to play online with other users of the platform, so basically it is something that you should have yes or yes.

But one of the most striking incentives are the monthly rewards that are offered completely free of charge to all users, since they receive the possibility of downloading and adding games to their library completely free of charge. And of course, what will happen when PS5 hits the stores? Well, they are going to give away PS5 games, that easy.

A fun investigation


This was something that we all expected, however, the question was what would be the game that the company was going to give away in the first month of life of its new next-generation console. And yes, the chosen one has been Bugsnax, a colorful and fun game starring strange dolls half insect, half snack, in which you will have to solve the mystery that surrounds the island in order to find Elizabert Magefig, the person who invited to visit the island.

The game will surprise us with 100 different species that we will have to discover and hunt with gadgets and baits that we get. It seems that if we feed the inhabitants of the island we can gradually modify the appearance of the characters, so we do not know exactly where the story and the game mechanics will go. Be that as it may, it seems more like the classic game for the smallest of the house with which to be able to release the new console as a family.

Bugsnax embarks the player on an extravagant adventure on Snaktooth Island, home to the legendary half-insect, half-food creatures that go by the name Bugsnax. The player will play a journalist who, after being invited to the island by the intrepid explorer Elizabert Megafig, must discover why his hostess has disappeared, the camp is in ruins and his followers have dispersed all over the island, being alone and… hungry!

November’s PlayStation Plus games

Playstation Plus November

In addition to Bugsnax (which will only be compatible with PS5), PlayStation Plus will offer two additional games for all those who own a PS4 or who want to play these games on their new PS5 with the help of backward compatibility. The three games included in the month of November are Middle-earth: Shadow of War Y Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition. There will be a third free game, Melbits World, but in this case it will only work on PS4, since the game comes directly from the PlayStation Talents platform.


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