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The first folding RAZR suffer from arthritis: listen to it yourself

RAZR (2019), the Motorola folding

The foldable Motorola RAZR remains the phone that attracts the most attention in this new and futuristic segment. It is not for less. Far from the concept of “notebook” presented by the proposals of Samsung and Huawei, the terminal revolutionized the staff when it was presented, since it rescued the idea and the essence of the RAZR of yesteryear Only with the bet of a folding screen.

Thus was born this new smartphone, a computer with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, fingerprint reader, NFC and main camera of 16 megapixels that sports an internal screen of 6.2 inches able to bend and another external of 2.7 inches, among other niceties.

The team has plans to go on sale in UK next February 10 and although we imagine that it will not be a super sales (its price is quite high), the firm expects to sell the occasional equipment in the market … as long as people don’t back down after watching the video circulating now on the network, of course.

This is how the folding RAZR sounds

What video do we mean? Well, the one who now circulates through the network (with increasing speed, by the way) in which it is possible See and hear how the Motorola RAZR 2019 closes.

The person in charge of the recording is Max Weinbach, editor of the well-known American medium XDA Developers, who claims that the hinge of the smartphone does not sound as expected considering the high cost of the product. Press the play Y listens:

«This is the sound of the hinge when folded from the Razr. It does’nt sound good. The hinge also feels flimsy and cheap for a $ 1,500 phone. The store representative said he was afraid to use it. »

As you have appreciated in the recording, the phone generates a somewhat strange sound if you insist on the bending of your body. It seems like a piece of cheap plastic will be folded and forced to produce such noise, proving unpleasant to hear.

He was not the only one who recorded such a video. In response to Weinbach, the director of MobileNations, Nirave Gondhia, has also shown that his RAZR (a final consumer unit, points) it makes an annoying noise when you bend “halfway”:

«You can confirm this in a retail unit. This happens in mine after 1 day of use. »

It should be noted that when we had our first contact with the team we do not appreciate such detail -We would have indicated it immediately-, possibly because we did not insist so much on reproducing exactly the gesture that the video is seen or perhaps because the unit to be tested was not so “used” -Gondhia points out that his phone rings like this «after a day of use »implying that I didn’t do it before.

It is true that in the day to day you are not going to make this gesture with the team either: you open it or close it, but it is not expected that you force the fold in this repeated way. Still, the recordings have reopened the debate on if foldable phones are really ready to go on the market and if perhaps we are still paying an inflated price for this type of equipment.

And you do you think?

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