Sonic and his bad start

The first images of the film left the internet speechless. A pretty sonic different what we had in the head appeared on the screen with teeth, without socks, with small eyes, hairy arms and without even wearing their characteristic white gloves. There was nowhere to defend it.

Such was the avalanche of negative criticisms and reactions generated that the filmmaker Jeff Fowler, responsible for the film, had to take actions. He promised to make the appropriate modifications to the SEGA mascot to satisfy the fans (and get closer to the essence of the characteristic hedgehog, go), with some changes that came in a new trailer that, then, left people much happier .

The film, which includes both real action and animation, shows us how Sonic is forced to travel to our world to save his own, using the help of Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) and trying to escape at all times from the evil Doctor Ivo Robonik (Jim Carrey).

The films, quite expected precisely because of their initial stumbling block, have already been released in some cinemas and that has meant the starting gun for criticism of many media. This is what they say about the film.

Reviews of Sonic the Hedgehog

Numerous specialized media have rushed in the US to give their opinion on the film and comment so that they have found this adaptation to the cinema of the stories of the famous character in the world of videogames.

Comicbook, for example, ensures that it is a movie totally childish but with moments of humor and entertainment enough to like an adult. In the sequences in which the hedgehog does not appear its absence is quite noticeable, although a good work by Carrey as Robotnik and even Natasha Rothwell (who appears as secondary) compensates for those problems.

Sonic The Hedgehog

In CNET they assure that the jokes are not as good as the images, but it is still a worthy start for the character of SEGA in the world of cinema, while in TheWrap They point out that while it’s not a classic, it’s a movie for the entire family.

Mashable It is much more critical: the film does not convince him in his references to the 90s and the culture associated with the video game or as an entertainment film. Washington Post It is something softer but without throwing rockets: it is an easy film, which pleases “any movie fan who does not know how to distinguish a Sega from a Switch” – the latter precisely praises it Cinemablend like a virtue.

Sonic movie

In The Hollywood Reporter They praise Jim Carrey (they say he is in his best times) but points out that the film relies heavily on nostalgia to attract people who played with the hedgehog but at least it is nice. TO Variety He didn’t like it: he thinks that they could have done something more geek and oriented to the style of Raplh breaks the internet instead of creating an adventure comedy with computer animation.

As you can see the general opinion is clear: it is a movie “easy” and entertaining, supported by comedy, which makes certain winks to gamers But without going over. You will have to be the one who decides if such an assessment is a good thing or not.