The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo may be available for download very soon

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo may be available for download very soon

The download of the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo

Given that the new version of the Square classic will be released on March 3, 2020, it is expected that a demo that hot engines could fall from one moment to another. In addition, if we add the long wait that users have accumulated since the game was announced in E3 of 2015, a demo in the coming weeks would fall as the best bombshell with which to start the new year.

The news comes once again thanks to GamStat, a website that continuously monitors the changes that occur in the digital platform in search of possible incorporations such as the one we are targeting today. And it is that a long-awaited release like Final Fantasy could not be missed just like that.

The title, which appears with the name “Final Fantasy VII Remake DEMO” with versions of America, Asia, Europe and Japan, does not show any type of image in cover format, so for now it remains an unknown how it will look on the PSN . Obviously we also do not know the departure date, so we will have to continue waiting until we see it published.

When can you play the demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Final Fnatasy VII Remake Trailer

If we compare it with Resident Evil 3, the publication on the PSN appeared a week before it was officially announced with Resident Evil Resistance, so with a little luck we may only have to wait a few days to know more about Expected remake.

As if that were not enough, the Square title will not come alone, since another addition to the store sighted by GamStat is Patapon 2, a well known rhythmic game on PSP that also seems to prepare its new release in remastered format. Unfortunately, the records of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Patapon 2 have already disappeared from the PSN, but in GamStat they are still published for all those unbelievers who still don’t believe it.


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