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The facial recognition of the Pixel 4 is failing and here you have a possible “solution”

What happens to the facial recognition of Pixel 4

Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 only offers a biometric unlock method: facial recognition. Unlike most Android phones, which have a fingerprint reader under the screen or physical in some part of the device (a side, bottom frame of the front or back), here either you opt for it or you have to go back to the use of pin code or pattern on screen.

Therefore, the failure that some users of the Google terminal are reporting is very annoying. We are not referring to the security problem that allows you to unlock it with your eyes closed, now the issue is that it has directly stopped working. And is that when you get used to certain unlock methods it is difficult to go back.

Apparently, during the month of November 2019 there were already some cases, but it was from december security patch when those affected increased significantly. Users who suffer from the problem receive two types of messages when trying to unlock the phone with their faces. The first is «You cannot verify the rest. Hardware not available », and the second« Unable to verify face. Try again”.

In search of a solution to the problem, those affected have tried all kinds of possible actions. They have tried to re-register the face, but it does not work. Also restart the terminal, reinstall the same security patch … and nothing, the problem with the facial unlocking of the Pixel 4 is not resolved.

Therefore, the only option that seems to be is to be patient and wait. Because the company has commented that it is investigating the problem and will give a solution as soon as possible through a system update. The only drawback is that while the affected users are with a phone that is not exactly economical and should be unlocked as if it were a low range.

A possible option to alleviate the problem of Pixel 4 and facial unlocking

Seeing the issue, the only solution we can think of to alleviate the problem until an update by Google is to use Smart Lock. This feature that is present in some Android phones and the Pixel is one of them. Thanks to this you can keep the device unlocked while you have it on or connected to a bluetooth device that you use a lot, for example a wireless speaker or smart watch.

For activate Smart Lock you have to go to Phone settings, then Security> Smart Lock. Now enter your PIN, pattern or password and choose the option that interests you, follow the instructions and go. If you are one of the affected users we hope you find it useful.

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