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The elegant Vernee Apollo is pre-order for 242 €.

Vernee is a company that has been surprising, and very, very positive. The biggest of these examples is its Vernee Apollo, which shows that the company's smartphones are not for the low price and acceptable specifications.

Know more about this promotion here!

If you think about Vernee Apollo, besides this flagship has a great screen – with 2K resolution – 4GB of RAM and a very good camera set, among other things, it is elegant. In the case of Apollo, to say that it is elegant may be little.

One of the features that I value in the design of a smartphone is its symmetry and this Vernee Apollo is a prime example of this.

A front without any trademark prop – clean And a rear that has everything beautiful and comfortable. Even more so with that fingerprint reader in the ideal place to put our finger and unlock it.

But in terms of more technical terms, this Vernee Apollo has the much acclaimed 2.5D screen you can find on an iPhone 7, for example. And when it comes to the amount of metal used on the back of this smartphone, the numbers point to about 98%. And yes, there is no reason to complicate with the protrusion of the camera. As with other models, it is visible but exquisite at the same time.

Know more about this promotion here!

In fact, there is little more to say about the design of this Vernee. I would simply describe it forever until I have no more praise to debit. And just thinking that its price, together with the VR glasses, case and screen protector is 300 €. How enticing.

Better than that just by taking advantage of the promotion that makes it further reduces the price of this beauty up to 242 €. Why not enjoy it? Well, no why not.

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