The crossover we deserve: The Simpsons and Avengers together in a special episode

The crossover we deserve: The Simpsons and Avengers together in a special episode

The Avengers in The Simpsons

The famous fictional and animated family of the Simpsons has delighted us throughout all its broadcast years (and its 31 seasons, which is said soon) with an infinite amount of stellar appearances. From presidents to actors, to singers, movie characters, other series, scientists … cameos They are almost uncountable and fans of the series are more than accustomed to them.

That is why this announcement is probably more than a surprise, it generates the question of why they have taken so long to do so. Yes, we mean a parody of Avengers next to these inhabitants of the town of Springfield, something that will finally happen this Sunday, as the official account of The Simpsons has been responsible for confirming.

Through its Twitter profile, the date of issuance of a special chapter called The Simpsons: Bart the Bad Guy, next March 1 on the United States Fox channel. The tweet is accompanied by a special poster for the occasion, as a movie poster, in which we can see the yellow family and references to several Marvel characters – eye to the “Marble Studios” -:

The chapter has been written by Dan Vebber, who already has experience, as noted in Gamespot, in developing other scripts of the series as well as of Futurama Y American dad (Father made in USA in UK). As for special participation in the dubbing, we have the very directors of many of the UCM films, the brothers Anthony and Joseph Russo, and even the head of Marvel, who puts life to Chinnos, the version simpsonized from Thanos.

Bart the Bad Guy: synopsis

In addition to knowing the official poster of the episode, we also know what the plot of this very nice chapter, which had already been rumored for several months. As has been revealed, Bart, who will be the undisputed protagonist, manages to see, unintentionally, a part of the new film of the popular franchise The Vindicator. Knowing that one knows how many spoilers that could ruin the movie to anyone, decide to blackmail. However, the executives of the studio behind the film (Marble) are not going to succumb to such a shameless attempt and will decide to get down to work so that they do not count anything.

Bart Simpson

Judging by this story, a rather funny and crazy episode awaits us, in which once again the son of the Simpsons family will get into a good mess.

We do not know anything about the broadcast in UK at the moment, although we will trust that it will not take long to issue it here.


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