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The cheapest Apple watch (Watch SE) is on sale at Amazon

Apple Watch SE, the alternative to the Watch Series 6

The Apple watch is undoubtedly one of the best purchases you can make if you want a smartwatch – obviously, considering that it needs an iPhone to function properly, of course. Over the generations, the Watch has been improving and creating a very round product, with a good design that integrates perfectly with the iOS ecosystem, forming a very solid couple.

The downside is that it has never been a cheap product. The current generation of Watch Series 6 has a cost that starts at 429 euros, so when we find out that a cheaper version, the Watch SE, came into our lives was undoubtedly great news.

Apple Watch SE

In case you do not know it completely well, we indicate that the apple clock looks design and Retina display identical to the Watch Series 6 and mounts inside an ultra-fast dual-core S5 processor. It allows you to control your daily activity, record your training and observe your progress in the Fitness app on the iPhone, as well as being suitable for swimming.

It also has a sensor heart rate, don’t forget the integrated GPS, it offers automatic fall detection and SOS emergency function and it even lets you leave the house without a phone (if you choose the option with cellular). All straps Known brands are compatible with this model, so that at the level of aesthetic customization, you have many possibilities, as if you had the Series 6 generation on your wrist.

Now cheaper

If it already had a good price, now its cost is even better thanks to the Amazon offer. It turns out that the 44mm model With a silver aluminum case and a white silicone strap, it is currently on sale, so instead of the 329 euros it costs, you can get it now. for 305 euros. Likewise the version of 40 mm with the same finishes, it drops from 299 euros, its official cost, at 275 euros.

Apple Watch SE

It is not a huge discount, but considering that Apple does not usually make offers, it is a reduction to consider. If you are interested in this model, it is definitely time to get hold of it by just clicking / tapping on the blue button and putting it in the cart before it disappears. Ahead!

* Note to reader: this article’s link to Amazon is part of our agreement with their Affiliate Program. Even so, our recommendations are always created freely, without attending to any type of request from the mentioned brands.


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