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The Boys: how this censored scene slipped into their Season Finale

Patriot and the New York skyline… in the background

If something characterizes The BoysIt is undoubtedly how “risqué” it is. As soon as each episode starts, a poster of warning warns us that the images in the chapter contain violent content, not suitable for minors and with obscene language. As we have always said, however indecent it may seem to us, it has nothing to do with the content of the comic, even more screwed up if possible, but there is no doubt that the TV series has managed to capture the essence of the story quite well .

Taking into account that, since the first chapter of the first season, blood or swearing has run freely, it’s hard to believe that there was a scene that was censored by Amazon. But it existed. Specifically, one in which Patriota appears on top of one of the Chrysler buildings looking at the New York skyline while masturbating and repeating over and over that he can do whatever he wants (“I can do whatever the fk I want!” ).

The Boys 2 - Patriot

It seems that this was “crossing the line” for managers who give the go-ahead to the product before its launch and watch over Amazon’s image, so they asked Eric Kripke, showrunner of the series, to eliminate her. “I couldn’t understand why considering everything else we have on the show,” Kripke confessed to fans on a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything / Ask me whatever) last year.

His censorship remained in one more anecdote to tell about the history of the series (in fact, in our special with everything about The Boys we already pointed it out to you), however, the controversial Patriota moment has now come to light again. Why? Well because to the surprise of many, the scene has crept into the final episode of season 2. How is that possible?

«It helps to be a success»

Eric Kripke himself has been in charge of getting us out of doubt. It turns out that in principle it was planned to show Patriot outside the Earth, floating in space to what Superman, giving a “scary sociopathic” image. The scene was recorded, included in the episode and sent to Amazon, but the response was not what was expected. Managers asked for something “stronger”, that it was not so ambiguous.

And then to those responsible for The Boys The lightbulb went on: they included the scene and sent it, without commenting further. To Kripke’s surprise (or not), this time he did convince, since they considered that «Fit well in context ”, showing how helpless and pathetic Homelander feels at the time and how unhinged we will get to see him in season 3.

Homelander (Patriot) - The Boys

“It was incredible. Well, it helps … it helps to be a success, “concludes the showrunner in his interview, letting it be understood that they are now Amazon’s media star and of course you have your privileges and advantages.

Did you know about the censored scene? Did you recognize her when you saw her at the Season Finale?


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