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The Boys Funkos that you should have in your collection

The best Funkos of The Boys

If you are reading this article it is because, surely, you are a fan of this series which is hitting hard with consumers of Amazon’s streaming content service.

But, in case you did not know her, without making too many spoilers We can tell you what it is about best anti-hero story ever created in serial format. And we do not mean that the plot is about villains, no. In this series we will learn about the lives of a group of somewhat peculiar superheroes: some take drugs and others are obsessed with sex, among many compromised circumstances. They all have their insecurities and problems despite having powers that make them superior to the rest.

Little else can we tell you about the plot of this story without revealing anything important, but what we can tell you is that perhaps they are not, or at least they were not at first, as “super” as they seem.

Just as recent as this series is the Funkos doll collection dedicated to her. What’s more, some copies of this list have not yet been released (although they have a release date) and other characters in history do not even have their own doll yet. So, without further ado, let’s start looking at all the big-headed dolls on this list.

The 7 of The Boys version Funko

Of course, we had to start with the group of All 7. The superheroes that are on everyone’s lips during the plot of the series. This group is made up of:

  • Homelander: character who, in the English version of this series, they have called Patriota. The typical American superhero (a mix between Captain America and Superman) but, in a more selfish, tyrannical and obsessive version.
  • Queen maeve: the right hand of Patriota and the spitting image of Wonder Woman who, among other insecurities, does not want to publicly acknowledge her homosexuality in the media because of “what will they say.”
  • A-Train: the “flash” of the group, which runs at full speed through the streets of the city until it is time to get out of phase and flirt with women.
  • Translucent: translucent is, as its name suggests, the invisible man of the group who takes advantage of any occasion to appear totally naked in any place.
  • Starlight: Starlight is one of the latest additions to this group of “super”. He will arrive with the greatest enthusiasm to this group but, shortly after, he will realize that his companions are a bunch of selfish, murderers, false and perverts.

And what about Deep (the fish man) and Dark black (the master of silent murder). As we told you at the beginning, this collection is very recent and, so far, it is unknown if these two characters will have their own miniature. So if one of these is your super favorite, you just have to wait.

Other characters from The Boys turned into Funko

exist other important characters for the plot of this series. Those who go against the 7 for various reasons and just want their empire of fame, fortune and freedom to end as soon as possible. The only ones that, so far, have one of these Funkos are:

  • Billy butcher: After having worked for the supers, and after having suffered the attack and rape of his wife by Patriota, Carnicero only seeks to end all of them with the greatest possible suffering.
  • Hughie: By accident, this clerk at the electronics store is involved in the fight against The 7 to, like his partner Butcher, avenge a loved one. Although, yes, he ends up falling in love with one of these super.

Once again, the group of characters that fight against The 7 has more members who, at the moment, do not have their own Funko figure.

Special Funkos from The Boys

As in other collections of these big-headed dolls, there are some more special or different units, which will be the meat of those users who require greater exclusivity or who simply want something different from what everyone else has.

In the Funkos collection of The Boys we only have two special figures at the moment. In them we can see Patriot using his powers of levitation or Starlight dressed in the ‘sexy’ uniform that in the series they force him to put himself in his appearances before the media.

What do you think of our selection? Are you going to buy any of these Funkos to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments!


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