The best Xiaomi smartwatch for every user in 2020

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Lite smartwatch

The Chinese manufacturer has the best smart watches you can buy in UK at a good price, with an Amazfit smartwatch for every budget. Here we bring together the best for you to make a good purchase.

We highlight the main functions of each Xiaomi smartwatch within the Amazfit family, the branch dedicated to smart watches by this Asian manufacturer. Depending on the budget and needs, there is a Xiaomi watch for each user.

Amazfit Bip Lite – the cheapest from Xiaomi

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Lite smartwatch
The Bip Lite is also available in black and pink.

Autonomy: up to 45 days
Screen: 1.3 ” AMOLED
Functions: notifications, sport, sleep
Price: since € 49 on Amazon.ES

The Xiaomi smartwatch Amazfit Bip Lite is the cheapest of the Chinese manufacturer’s smart watches. The plastic construction makes it light, weighing 32 grams, with modern lines and a large battery for autonomy up to 45 days of use.

It allows the monitoring of various sports, has water resistance up to 3 ATM, continuously records the heartbeat, steps taken and other user metrics. The information is sent to the company application.

For those looking for a cheap and good Xiaomi smartwatch this is our recommendation, being compatible with Android and iOS.

Amazfit Bip S – economical option with GPS

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip S smartwatch
Bip S is also available in orange / blue and white.

Autonomy: up to 40 days
Screen1.28 ” AMOLED
Functions: GPS heart rate, steps, sleep
Price: since € 63 on Amazon.ES

The cheapest Amafit smartwatch with GPS location is the Beep S, very light with 31 grams and contemporary design. It has four color schemes and excellent battery life for up to 40 days thanks also to the screen with transfective technology.

This Xiaomi smart watch allows you to keep a continuous record of GPS location up to 22 hours. This makes it suitable as an economical solution to accompany training sessions, also having a Biotracker PPG sensor.

Amazfit Bip S records several metrics such as heart rate and steps taken, being compatible with Android and iOS.

Amazfit Verge Lite – rugged GPS watch

Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Lite blue smartwatch
Verge Lite is also available in white.

Autonomy: up to 20 days
Screen: 1.33 ” AMOLED
Functions: sport, GPS, sleep
Price: since € 69 on Amazon.ES

The smartwatch Amazfit Verge Lite it is the ideal economic option for those who want to follow various sports, in addition to having GPS location, sleep monitoring, heart rate, as well as notifications on the Android and iOS smartphone.

This smart watch, with a circular 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, has a battery life of up to 20 days and a Sony chip dedicated to GPS location. It is ideal for monitoring up to 7 pre-programmed modalities, in addition to collecting more user metrics.

Sends reminders to the user, in addition to some mobile phone notifications, being accessible and durable.

Amazfit PACE – best Xiaomi smartwatch up to 100 euros

Xiaomi Amazfit PACE smartwatch
PACE is also available in red.

Autonomy: up to 12 days
Screen: 1.34 ” AMOLED
Functions: notifications, sport, GPS, sleep
Price: since € 89 on Amazon.ES

The best Xiaomi smartwatch up to 100 euros is the Amazfit PACE, with careful design, 1.34 inch screen, Gorilla Glass and IP67 certified. The battery life is long on this watch, reaching up to 12 days, with an original design.

We recommend this Xiaomi Amazfit for practitioners of fitness who want data synchronization with Strava. You can control media playback, receive weather information and metrics indicators like heart rate.

It can be paired via Bluetooth to play music during workouts, with 4 GB of internal storage.

Amazfit Verge – good screen and GPS

Xiaomi Amazfit Verge smartwatch
Verge is also available in black, white and blue.

Autonomy: up to 5 days
Screen: 1.3 ” AMOLED
Functions: calls, sport, GPS, sleep
Price: since € 99 on Amazon.ES

The watch Amazfit Verge accompanies 11 sports, has GPS and can answer and / or make phone calls from the wrist, being connected to Android smartphones. The screen has excellent AMOLED colors and the autonomy reaches 5 days.

Heart rate, location and distance traveled are recorded on the smartwatch, also compatible with iOS. To anyone looking for a Xiaomi smartwatch with good price / quality ratio in UK we can recommend this Verge.

It looks sporty and robust, being one of the best Xiaomi smartwatch in 2020.

Amazfit GTS – smartest smart watch

Xiaomi Amazfit GTS smartwatch
The GTS is also available in black, pink, gray and red.

Autonomy: up to 14 days
Screen: 1.65 ” AMOLED
Functions: sport, GPS, sleep
Price: since € 114 on Amazon.ES

Attention to design and construction details make the Amazfit GTS in the most elegant Xiaomi smart watch that you can buy in UK. The 2.5 D glass finish, maximum thickness of 9.4 mm and color options are the strong points.

The Xiaomi smartwatch has water resistance up to 5 ATM, autonomy for two weeks, in addition to the Amazfit optical sensor, the Biotracker PPG that collects various metrics. It has a good 1.65-inch screen and is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

It tracks up to 12 modes, in addition to the GPS location on this Xiaomi Amazfit watch.

Amazfit GTR – excellent price / quality ratio

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR smartwatch
The GTR is also available in black, pink, white and green.

Autonomy: up to 24 days
Screen: 1.3 ” AMOLED
Functions: sport, GPS, sleep
Price: since € 99 on Amazon.ES

THE Amazfit GTR is a Xiaomi smartwatch available in two case sizes, 42 and 47 mm, with elegant editions and suitable for various styles. It has a traditional look, with a large AMOLED screen and metal and ceramic construction.

Noteworthy is the water resistance up to 50 meters (5 ATM), in addition to the monitoring of 12 modalities, GPS location included and a battery whose autonomy can reach 24 days, in addition to several bracelets available in different materials.

It is the Xiaomi smartwatch with more casual style and suitable for the male and female audience.

Amazfit T-Rex – Xiaomi’s most robust smartwatch

Xiaomi Amazfit T-REX smartwatch
The T-Rex is also available in green, camouflage and beige.

Autonomy: up to 20 days
Screen: 1.3 ” AMOLED
Functions: sport, GPS, sleep
Price: since € 109 on Amazon.ES

THE Amazfit T-Rex is Xiaomi’s most robust and durable smart watch. With 12 military certifications of durability, autonomy up to 20 days and AMOLED screen, it is the best smartwatch for extreme sports practitioners, withstanding extreme conditions.

The high-precision GPS location is one of the highlights, surpassed only by the robustness of the clock available in UK. It has a powerful processor that makes it fast and ensures good compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones.

It accompanies up to 14 modalities and survives virtually any environmental condition.

Amazfit Nexo – smartwatch for making calls

Xiaomi Amazfit Nexo watch
NEXO is available in black and it is possible to change the bracelets.

Autonomy: up to 2 days
Screen: 1.3 ” AMOLED
Functions: sports, GPS, sleep, calls (eSIM)
Price: since € 155 on Amazon.ES

THE NEXT is the Amazfit smartwatch for those who need to make calls over the clock. The product is connected to 4G LTE networks thanks to the e-SIM that guarantees smartphone independence, being compatible with Android and iOS.

It features a 2.5 D curved AMOLED screen, in addition to the ceramic body and structure, despite being somewhat thick compared to other smart watches. It measures various user metrics like heart rate and has NFC.

The Amazfit Nexo is one of the most advanced watches from Xiaomi, also available in UK.

Amazfit Stratos 3 – the best Xiaomi smartwatch

Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 3 smartwatch
Stratos 3 is only available in black, but we can change the bracelet.

Autonomy: up to 14 days
Screen: 1.34 ” transfective
Functions: sport, GPS, sleep
Price: since € 189 on Amazon.ES

THE Stratos 3 it is the best Xiaomi smartwatch on sale in UK and one of the best smart watches in 2020. It has GPS location with support for the 4 satellite constellations, local storage for music and tracks up to 19 modes.

This Xiaomi smartwatch has a transfective screen that increases its autonomy for up to 14 days, with precise sensors to monitor various user metrics. It is compatible with Android and iOS, receiving phone notifications.

For those looking for a very complete Amazfit smartwatch with a sporty design, this is our recommendation.

Set priorities when buying an Amazfit smartwatch

1. Simple monitoring of physical activity and notifications. Here we find the cheapest Xiaomi watches, with great autonomy and good durability. They are more advanced than a smartband and already feature some phone notifications.

We fit in this segment the Amazfit Bip and Verge Lite, available in UK for well under 100 euros.

2. Advanced tracking of physical activity and GPS. Equipped with more accurate sensors and GPS location, they are the smart watches of intermediate segment, with some of the most elegant solutions and suitable for the general public.

In this category we have the Amazfit GTS and GTR for a more casual user, or PACE for a more sporty user.

3. Accurate tracking, GPS and calls. The top segment with the best Amazfit smartwatches such as Stratos 3, NEXO, or T-REX for the most demanding users, looking for the most advanced product and / or with 4G LTE connection.

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