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The Best TV Boxes for Kodi: Kodi TV box Maximize Your TV Experience


The Best TV Boxes for Kodi: Kodi TV box Maximize Your TV Experience

Since you’re up to getting the best experience out of TV viewing, and you think that a TV Box is the best way to make that happen, we’re here to help you out with what we have observed from some of the best boxes we have on the market. We’re not saying the ones below are the perfect ones for people’s various preferences and needs. We’re just giving you all a guide by discussing the features of these boxes. So here are best tv boxes for kodi

What Is an Android TV Box?

An Android TV box has the ability to improve the functionalities of an ordinary TV. Some sellers prefer to describe it as “the ability to turn any TV into a smart TV”.

What Can the Gadget Do?

After connecting a box to the TV on one end and connecting it to an internet device on the other end, the viewers have more options for entertainment. You can play video games, have access to more shows, and watch your favourite sports games live.

In a nutshell, it is just a way of bringing the power of internet into your TV system. This way, you can surf the web and stream videos. You can get what Hulu or Netflix offers without the usual difficult requirements.

What’s Kodi?

Kodi is the app that boxes like the Android devices we’re featuring below are using for streaming purposes. It is free, open-source software, so its usage doesn’t require licensing or it is not held back by any curated app store. Kodi can be downloaded and installed on many different platforms Android being one of the most popular choices.

Some TV boxes might be using another service like Chromecast or Plex instead of Kodi. The advantage of Kodi is that it is free and is run by a non-profit organization. In addition, the app is continuously being upgraded by coders all over the world. So your TV box system is continuously updated, as well while using a smart TV Box.

Our job at this point is to do a “compare and contrast” of the TV boxes that we’ve chosen as the best on the market. There are of course notable differences, but we’ll try to go deeper to the minutest details as possible. So here we go, and we’re starting with the one we deem to be the best of the crop.

EBOX R99 TV box – Towards Ultimate TV Viewing Experience

Entertainment Box (EBox) is, without a doubt, making significant leaps with their series of TV Boxes designed not only to give competitors a reason to flex their muscles but also to deliver the best kind of TV viewing experience possible.

What’s the Upgrade?

If you’re a fan of the highly-celebrated and best-selling T8 V, you’d be surprised the company was still able to concoct something that’s faster with their R99 version, one that beats its predecessor in various technical aspects.

The greatest R99 upset of all is the overall benchmark stress test score of 75058 which is almost twice T8 V’s 41331, making R99 the fastest TV box out there, and the fastest device in the list of devices we sell.

R99’s 4-GB RAM is a far cry from the 8’s capacity of only 2 GB. Expandable memory for the T8 is 32 GB on a secure digital (SD) storage component, but the R99 came into the picture with its 32-GB ROM courtesy of its eMMC card. Not unexpectedly, the feature makes R99 not only a supremely performing device but also one of the fastest rising ARM affiliates.

These and more upgrades have drawn the line between the T8 and the R99. Yet it’s up to the buyer. The T8 is still one of the best choices around with its Android Marshmallow OS and also its 16-GB eMMC capacity. In addition, the T8, like the R99, is equipped with a 1 GB Ethernet port, making these two EBox models the topnotch duo to consider by computer network system developers.

More Highlights

Aside from the ones mentioned, here are other top R99 features:

  • Non-minimalist port design – Unlike its competitors, the user-friendly R99 is engineered for convenient operations with its multiple-port system. You’ve got 2 USB ports, a TF slot, a reversible Type C, an Optical slot for sound, and so on.
  • RK3399 chip – This is a low-power, high-performance microprocessor used in smart device applications.  Inside this component, you’ve got three powerful processing systems – the quad-core Cortex A53, the dual Cortex A72 and a NEON coprocessor. Along with these processors, the chip also uses the powerful Mali T860 GPU designed to provide stunning visuals and support for complex graphic requirements. The RK3399 has also received top credits for its speed of up to 2 GHz, the same speed rating for the Corta-core Cortex A53 of the T8.
  • Highest AnTuTu score – This is what we are referring to with the 75058 score above.  AnTuTu is a performance rating test for Android devices. A device with a score of 1000 has a speed about half that of another device with a score of 2000.
  • Type C port – Not to forget this feature, EBox saw it wise and fitting to fortify the R99 technical competency by incorporating a type C port. Type C is now the emerging standard transferring and charging data system. Testing is now in the works to come up with a USB audio standard and they are looking into replacing the 3.5-mm audio jack system with Type C.

We are sure you will never be disappointed with this latest addition to the EBox family. With the company’s R99 box, all you will have is pleasurable and uninterrupted TV viewing.

The EBox T8 V TV box

Designed by Entertainment Box (EBox), the T8 V is the latest in the company’s T8 series. Citing that V is an upgrade from its predecessor, the T8 V4, the company said that it is the fastest of their TV boxes to date.

The V4 is never inferior to the V in any big way. It was a huge success in 2016 and became one of the most popular boxes in the industry. However, the company thought it wise to have a bit of addition, probably just to keep up with the demands of the competition and to make sure they will remain in the lead.

How did they implement improvements on something that was already at the top of its class? Well, they replaced the processor to a better one. For the V4, they used the Penta-Core, but with the V, they picked the newly-released Amlogic S912 ARM processor (Octa-core 64-bit).

This allowed them to add features to the V that were still under the process of development during the release of the V4. And also, the change made it possible to use the latest Android OS then – the 6.0.1. All changes factored in, they were able to come up with a powerful, stylish and fast TV box that is the V.

Internal HDD space

There’s a good chance you will scrutinize the design, but you will just be wasting your time – sadly. Comparing the two models in this regard, there’s nothing that tells them apart. With that in place, an internal SATA HDD can be accommodated in both models.

Voice commands can be used in operating the V system. Use your voice to control the box. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to choose movies and music without the use of a remote control or a keyboard. You can adjust the temperature of the environment if you’ve got a Nest thermostat.

You may want to know what components they have installed inside the V box. Well, it is preloaded with a VPN, which means that if you have an account for VPN, you can rest assured that all your personal data are secure. You need that feature since you will be using the internet for most of your operations with the V box.

The box is also updatable through its OTA UPDATES feature. This is the part that will keep your box running smoothly for many years to come.

The V box also has the capability to receive updates on the Kodi system inside. As better versions are released, the company, in turn, releases their new version of EMBC.

Then it also has the Plex system, the one that the company has installed. So users can always have the benefit of organizing their personal media.

If you have the interest and time to go deeper, go over the 4K Streaming feature. Under this feature belongs the 10-bit deep colour, custom dual launcher and the 4K HDR (at 60 HZ) capabilities of this newest version from Entertainment Box. It’s worth your time checking.


The EBox T8 V4 TV box

You might settle for the V4 if you think the additions in the V are not really a big deal. If you feel that way, then we can go over more features of the model, especially those not mentioned above, and those that made it significantly different from or a better version than its predecessor/s.

The SATA HDD capability of the T8 series was introduced in this version. That’s just a part of the external and internal modifications that were introduced. The stylish design, also sported by the V, all started in the V4 version.

Android Marshmallow

In this version also, we’ve seen the introduction of using the Android Marshmallow OS (but for this, the version is 6.1.1) in the T8 series. But there is not much difference in the streaming capacity. Both OS versions are able to make possible streaming of users’ favourite videos, games and shows.

Well, the main difference, as we already said, is the processor. The V4 is powered also by Amlogic, but it is their S905 Quad-core (Cortex-A53 64-bit) that was included in this model. That allows the box to operate with a speed of up to 2 GHz, which is a vast improvement compared to the ones that were released prior to it.

So what’s similar? For this, you have the VPN readiness in both versions. There’s also the SATA Connection for both. Both of them also provide access to all apps users are enjoying. Lastly, they both have 1 GIG Ethernet port, which means users are guaranteed to enjoy a speed rate of up to 1 GIG per second.

The Netflix, Plex, and OTA updates can also be experienced in the V4 version. So not much in terms of differences, but of course, if you are trying to enjoy more features or just catching up with what technology can currently offer, you’ll probably end up with the V version.


The EBox M8S Pro TV box

Entertainment Box never stops the wheel from turning when it comes to upgrading their boxes. What we’ve seen with the M8S is that it features many of what the V feature. But still, the latter is the true big winner. That means, as a reflection of what the company is doing, they try to import the good things in their older versions into their newer versions.

In what ways does the M8S beat the others? For one, there’s the 32 GB ROM. Others have 16 GB or less. The V, for instance, only has 16. Next, it also has the Octa-core processor that the V is using. These advantages make it surely a good alternative to the one we’ve touted as the best.

Android 7.1 Nougat

Some setbacks can’t be overlooked.  A very distinguishable con is the model’s 7.1 Nougat OS. There are those who contend that in terms of speed, version 6 is faster. And we know they are saying that the difference is not much to cause people to worry.

We tend to disagree. For us, when it comes to navigating smoothly from interface to interface and from app to app. This small disparity counts a lot.

The description for the M8S also points to its Ethernet/Wi-Fi capability, but without specifying the maximum speed that can be delivered. For most of us who watch our favourite shows without end, this alone can be the deciding factor when making the decision to purchase.

There’s the other stuff like the OTA updates and the VPN which we know are also pre-installed in both the V and the V4, but we’ve got a bit of a problem with the Kodi in the MS8. It has been said that Ebox used Kodi in this model based on the latest SPMC, but even the company has said something to the effect that they are proud of doing an upgrade to EMBC, which is what the V has.

But to be fair, this model carries with it exciting features one should not miss. There’s the voice functionality in this version that the V also has, and it also has control functions for home devices such as plugs, thermostats, lights, alarms, etc.


The EBox Q TV box

Our smart technology and gadget list will not be complete without the Q box, and although we decided to have it placed last, we’ve never thought it to be inferior to any of the three. In fact, its OS is the well-loved 6.1 and it also houses an Amlogic processor.

And if you are trying to cut down on the cost, and settling for just 16 GIG of ROM is just fine with you, you will most likely end your search with this box. Savings of up to almost half of the cost of the units above while enjoying what most of them can offer lure many to buying this unit.

The V has 2 GIG of RAM DDR3 and that’s the same for Q. It’s the QUAD-core and the OCTA-core difference that probably sets these two poles apart pricewise. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to take home something that is just sufficient to upgrade a bit your viewing experience, this cheaper unit is up to that kind of job.

Besides the Android Marshmallow, other familiar features also installed in this model are the VPN, OTA updates, Kodi, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Again, there’s no mention of speed rate for the Ethernet.

Voice control

Then there’s also the voice control functionality, which the company is proud to say, is comparable to the Siri Speaker and the Amazon Echo. For a very low price, you can have your home devices connected to this box and control the settings for all of them with just the use of your voice.

It’s like you’re cooking in the kitchen while conducting affairs for the rest of your home. This voice control system will allow you to use at least one thousand voice commands. And the company says the list is growing on a daily basis. To be repetitive, most systems in the Entertainment Box TV versions are upgradable, like the one we’ve just mentioned.

You might also want to check on the Airplay and Miracast support that these boxes have. If your mobile device has the same support, you can opt to watch movies and shows using that device.

By the way, this TV box unit and the ones above are all from Entertainment Box. This is not saying that these are the “only” good options available. The fact of the matter is we fell in love with these boxes while we were doing our research. And it’s just that it happened that they came from the same company.


This is not the end of our efforts to keep you updated with the best pieces of gadgetry to enhance entertainment in your home. We’re constantly on the move to give you the latest from Ebox and other TV box manufacturers.


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