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The best True Wireless from Sony are out of the blue, run!

The best True Wireless from Sony are out of the blue, run!

Sony WF1000XM3, noise cancellation in True Wireless

Taking advantage of the great fame of its over-ear family with noise cancellation (currently they are already in the WH1000XM4 generation, remember), Sony decided last year to launch a True Wireless that show off the same technology with its processor QN1. Thus was born the model WF1000XM3, a proposal with a good finish and design that more than meets the expectations of sound quality while you enjoy a more manageable and transportable product.

Sony WF1000XM3 charging case

With a high friction rubber surface and an ergonomic structure that adapts well to the ear – although as always, that's something very personal, remember – the WF1000XM3 have touch control on the side of each headset and boast autonomy of up to 32 hours duration counting on the power of its charging case (24 hours if you use the aforementioned noise cancellation or Noise Canceling all the time, which, by the way, uses two microphones to work on the surface of the headphones, one of anticipated power and another feedback). They don't forget about fast charging either, being able to get up to 90 minutes of playback with just 10 minutes of cable connected.

Sony WF1000XM3

They do not forget their integration with Alexa, with which you can listen to music, manage your digital home or obtain information about something that interests you only with the use of your voice

Available in black and beige, both have a discount, although in the case of the latter, the offer is even more juicy and attractive.

Sony's headphones with a discount

As we mentioned before, the WF1000XM3 headphones are now in one of their best moments. Why? Well, because they enjoy a 34% discount or, what is the same, a discount of 84 euros. In this way, you can get the True Wireless of the Japanese house for 165.98 euros, instead of the 250 euros that they cost officially.

You just decided that this is the time to buy them yes or yes, right? Well, you have it as easy as touching / clicking on the blue button that you have below and putting them in the shopping cart before they go back up. You are warned …

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