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The best Taurus Mycook kitchen robots have a discount, take advantage!

Taurus Mycook kitchen robots

Taurus has managed to gain an important niche in the market with its kitchen machines. Good features, design and a reasonable price have always been its hallmarks. If now we also add a good discount for Black Friday (of more than 40%), we have the perfect proposal to become the new queen of our kitchen. Point and do not lose detail to the models on sale.

Mycook Touch, the smart way to cook

The model par excellence of the firm. Mycook Touch is a food cooking and processing robot that allows you to prepare all kinds of recipes at home without having cooking skills. This is thanks to the fact that you are following all the instructions in your 7 inch touch screen, where you will be guided, step by step, in the creation of any type of dish (you will have at hand an assisted cookbook with more than 10,800 free recipes, which is said soon, and also free and constantly increasing every day).

Mycook touch

The good thing about the Mycook Touch is that it incorporates induction heating and balance integrated in the equipment itself, in addition to having Wifi and multi-device connection through the cloud (so you can interact and synchronize the robot with your phone, tablet or through the web). Do you want to see the progress of preparing a recipe on your mobile while you do something else? You got it. Have you found a recipe on your tablet and want to send it to the robot? You can too.

From the App, available for Android and iOS, you will also have access to the recipe book, you can save recipes as favorites, create the shopping list, use its advanced recipe search engine, send the recipes to the robot, check the nutritional information, follow the notifications of the steps and much more.

Main advantages of MyCook Touch

  • Induction cooking, much faster and more efficient
  • Very practical integrated scale
  • Integrated Wifi, synchronization with mobile / tablet / PC
  • App available for Android and iOS
  • Over 10,800 recipes free and growing every day
  • 7 inch touch screen
  • Dishwasher safe jug
  • Stainless steel accessories

Mycook Touch Black Edition, at the best price alternative

Do you want something more special? So what you have to do is take advantage of the best sales day of the year to get the Black Edition. It is, as its name suggests, a special version of the Mycook Touch robot, in elegant black and with all its accessories in plastic (certified for food contact according to European Union regulations).

Taurus Mycook Black Edition

The Mycook Touch Black Edition therefore it maintains all functions that we have told you present in the Mycook Touch (7 ″ screen, induction cooking, integrated scale, access to the recipe booklet of more than 10,800 totally free recipes …), only with a finished in elegant matte black instead of the ultra-resistant Titanium metallic paint of the top model and with plastic accessories certified for food contact instead of stainless steel. That translates into a tighter price that now also earns even more points with the Black Friday sale. You have no excuse.

The most important of Mycook Touch Black Edition

  • Same features and functions as Mycook Touch at a better price
  • Matte black exterior finish
  • BPA-free plastic accessories

Mycook One, simplicity and elegance

Do you have a tighter budget? No need to worry: Taurus also has a proposition for you even if your pocket is tighter. It turns out that within the family is the Mycook One, the most affordable model from the catalog, with a new aesthetic (now it is matt white and gray), many of the functionalities of its older brother but without WiFi connectivity.

Taurus Mycook One

You will therefore come back to find a kitchen robot with induction heating system, one of its best qualities, since it implies that the glass does not have any type of electrical component (as others do on the market) and can be put into the dishwasher no hassle, as well as being more durable in terms of safety or breakdown.

Nor does he forget the integrated scale (precision of 5 grams) and is accompanied by a cookbook with almost 300 recipes. Despite the lack of WiFi, you can still use the MyCook app on your phone or tablet, accessing the user community, expanding the recipe book to more than 10,800 free recipes available, consulting nutritional values, etc. As for the accessories, they are made of certified plastic for food contact, including the 4.5-liter capacity steamer and the inner basket of the jug.

The most important of MyCook One

  • The cheapest Mycook kitchen robot
  • With induction system and dishwasher safe glass
  • Stylish matte white and gray color
  • Access to the App and the recipe book with more than 10,800 free and constantly increasing recipes
  • BPA-free plastic accessories

Not everything is cooking

Yes, kitchen machines are undoubtedly the flagship product of Taurus right now, but now that we spend so much time at home, they are not the only equipment that can help us at home. The firm also has other proposals that are on sale today for Black Friday and we did not want to stop letting you know here.

Espresso machine Automatic coffeemaker

If you are a coffee lover, you cannot miss the opportunity to renew your coffee machine with this Solac on offer. It is a compact model with a 160-gram coffee container and an ultra-fast system that prepare your drink in just 40 seconds and with three modes of preparation. The MyCoffee system allows you to customize the type of coffee, it comes with an adjustable aroma and you don’t forget the hot water dispenser for infusions.

solac coffee maker

Lucid i10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Whoever does not have a robot vacuum cleaner at home at this point is because they do not want to. Solac has a very complete model that is now on sale for Black Friday and that you should know. Its qualities? The ability to vacuum and scrub, its six cleaning modes, silent which is (more important than you might think) and an autonomy of 160 splendid minutes.

Solac robot vacuum cleaner

Ultimate Digital Broom Vacuum

If you try a broom vacuum, you never go back to the old format. That’s how it is. That is why we do not want to miss the opportunity to put you on the trail of this Taurus Ultimate Digital model, with long battery life (it can clean up to 200 m² in one go), two cleaning speeds with triple filtering, Optic LED shoe for visibility under furniture and a weight of only 2 kg. More manageable, impossible.

broom vacuum cleaner

** All these offers are limited to 15 units for our readers. Hurry they run out! Take advantage of Black Friday to buy what you need at the best price and enjoy the advantages offered by Taurus products.


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