The best stores to buy PS5 in UK

The best stores to buy PS5 in Portugal

Sony’s new generation console, PlayStation 5 (PS5) is the most coveted platform today. It won’t be easy to buy PS5 in the coming months, but in UK you can follow these stores, pre-book and stay tuned to stock.

We recall that the launch of the PS5 console in UK took place last November, with demand far exceeding supply. Through the following stores you can buy PlayStation 5 directly, or book your unit.

Stay tuned to these stores to buy PS5 in UK


Fnac UK



Popular Radio

El Corte Ingés



Gaming Replay

Mega Mania

Stock is limited, but you can pre-book

Despite being listed on most commercial surfaces in UK, the quantities available for the new Sony console are very limited in view of initial demand. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to its availability, which may vary without notice.

We recommend that you, for example, save this item in the bookmarks or bookmarks bar. This way you can periodically check not only the availability of PS5 in UK, but also possible promotions, or offers on the PlayStation 5 reservation.

Depending on the stores, you can also activate reminders and notifications, as well as other availability alerts.

Watch the price of “scalpers“!

We remind you that the recommended retail price (pvp) of PS5 – in the normal version – is € 499, while the digital version has a pvp of € 399. Therefore, we recommend care and caution with entities that take advantage of this shortage.

This phenomenon is perpetrated by individual sellers, as well as some commercial establishments, mainly on resale or second-hand sale areas. At stake is not the legitimacy of the product, but the price charged.

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