The Best Pokemon TCG Decks To Play

These lists have been tested and proven reliable by players all over the world

Wow! It’s amazing that we are already in the new year. It is amazing to consider how wild COVID-19 was, and how much the Pokemon circuit has been scuppered. It’s understandable that society needs to return to normal as soon as possible. However, I believe it’s important for us to reflect on what’s been going well online recently and document it in a sort of “New Years deck dump”. This is not a typical article. Instead, I will be sharing a lot of solid lists that will help you get high placements at events. These lists have been tested and proven reliable by players all over the world. I don’t think it would surprise you to see any of these 60 cards at your next online tournament. Let’s get into my top Winter 2021 plays.

I opened my Pokemon Trading Card Game Online App, loaded some PTCGO codes, then traded the codes online to get these decks. It didn’t take me that many PTCGO codes for the decks to be made. We sell codes here at EntertainmentBox Store. I recommend you check out our affordable pricing and quick delivery. Let’s discuss my favorite decks this winter.

Pikarom Pokemon (13) Trainers (344) Energy (13) 1x Crobat VI 1x Cherish Ball 2x Speed Lightning Energy 4x Marnie 2x Dedenne-GX 4x Crushing Hammer 3x Raichu & Alolan Raichus GX 2x Tapu Koko 1x Boss’s Orders 2x Raichu & Alolan Raichus GX 2x Chaotic Swell 2x Tapu Koko 1x Reset Stamp 4x Quick Ball 1x Tapu Yell Grunt 4x Professor’s Research 4x Switch Pikarom VMAX has been challenged by Centiskorch VMAX. Pikarom is not bad, but it will need to work hard once it reaches that matchup.

Pikarom has created new decklists that use Chaotic Swell

Mad Party is also a bad matchup for Pikarom. These are all factors that people have created as a result planning for the metagame. Pikarom has created new decklists that use Chaotic Swell in heavier amounts to negate Giant Hearth. Tag Switch is also used to transfer energy from injured attackers to new attackers. This strategy is extremely useful for pulling off unexpected Tag Bolt GX attacks and attacking with Boltund at random times.

CentiVally Pokemon (20), Trainers (28) Energy (12). 2x Type. Null UNM 3x Cherish Ball 2x Heat Energy 3x Silvally-GX 4x Centiskorch 4x Mallow & Lana 2x Heatran-GX 2x Boss’s Orders 4x Volcanion VMAX 4x Centiskorch 2x Reset Stamp 1x Eldegosss V 4x Quick Ball 4x Dedennes GX 1x Fire Crystal 1x Switch 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x Air Balloon CentiVally has seen the most of any deck to date. This decklist was originally created by Limitless and has been played around the world to great success. Prior to Silvally GX, Centiskorch’s greatest strength was its inability to draw out a Reset Stamp at a small hand size.

You can now refresh your hand up to five times and draw the cards you need. Although finding Welder can sometimes be a problem, once you have created your ideal board state, it’s impossible to stop. You’ll be fine going into matchups if you can get off your Volcanion Flare Starter Attack second. LucMetal Pokemon (8) Training (48) Energy (14) 4x Zacian Viper 4x Marnie 10x Metal Energy 4x Lucario & Melmetal -GX 4x Professor’s Research 4x Coating Metal Energy 4x Zamazenta VI 3x Boss’s Orders 2x Mallow & Lana 2x Cynthia & Caitlin 1x Cynthia & Caitlin 1x Metal Saucer 4x Crushing Hammer 1x Quick Ball 2x Switch 2x Lillie’s Poke Doll 2x Metal Gogglesl 1x Metal Gogglesl 4x Tag Call 4x Metal Gogglesl Although I like LucMetal, I feel that Centiskorch is preying on it recently due to its Fire-type weakness. Coating Metal Energy solves a part of the equation.

If the field isn’t too full of Fire-type Pokemon, this deck can be quite impressive

However, if a Centiskorch player includes a Giratina copy in their decks, they can use Coating Metal Energy to attack Metal-type Pokemon. LucMetal is gaining popularity as Eternatus is gaining more traction online. This is largely due to Zamazenta V’s devastating ability that puts all Eternatus VMAX cards in their place. If the field isn’t too full of Fire-type Pokemon, this deck can be quite impressive. Eternatus Pokemon (18). Trainers (32) Energy (10). 4x Eternatus Pokemon V 4x Marnie7x Darkness Energy4x Eternatus VRMAX 4x Boss’s Orders2x Hiding Darkness Energy4x Crobat V4x Professor’s Research1x Capture Energy3x Galarian Zigzagoon4x Great Ball 1x Absol4x Quick Ball1x Spiritomb4x Switch 1x Yveltal4x Crushing Hammer2x Pokemon Communication1x Dangerous Drill1x Chaotic SwellEternatus appears to be the next in the Pokemon online.

Although it has been doing well, it has had trouble with decks like LucMetal which can’t penetrate the Zamazenta V. It’s possible to see a world in which people use higher numbers of Spiritomb to combat these Zamazentas. However, that would mean dedicating tons of slots for almost every matchup. I am not sure if this variant is better or the one with poison-ability Pokemon like Toxicroak or Slowbro V. I also find it difficult to believe that the poison damage can be used to break through metal goggles.

However, it is less consistent in a deck that is heavily dependent on hitting a specific energy + Basic Pokemon within the first turn. It might be best to focus on setting up an Eternatus consistently as quickly as possible. It’s possible. It seems this deck isn’t as simple as it appears. Instead, it’s a colorful deck that is full of creativity and great ideas. Mad Party Pokemon (27) Trainers (26 Energy) 4x Sinistea 5x Professor’s research 4x Twin Energy 4x Polteageist 4x Boss’s Orders 4x Galarian Mr. Rime 4x Quick Ball 3x Dedennes GX 4x Great Catcher 2x Crobat V 1x Marshadow 1x Ordinary rod 1x Mew 1x Electromagnetic Radiar 2x Air Balloon Mad Party has a reputation for being one of the most aggressive and can attack the first turn.

This deck is known for whiffing cards occasionally

This deck is known for its ability to whine on Baby Blacephalon, Mewtwo and Pikarom in the modern online Pokemon world. This deck is known for whiffing cards occasionally and relies on drawing cards in a sequential order to create unmatched combinations. Sometimes decks like LucMetal can put this deck in its place. They have a hard time reaching the numbers of 2HKO a Zacian. It usually wins if Mad Party has the right energy and doesn’t waste resources. This deck’s only real arch enemy is ADP – Altered Creation GX can be too much for Mad Party, and often our least favorite Tag Team deck will win marginally.

You can sometimes win even if you hit an ADP within the first few turns. ADP Pokemon (11) Trainers (38) Energy (11) 2x Crobat VI 3x Cherish Ball 3x Water Energy 1x Arceus & Dialga & Pakia-GX 1x Marnie 1x Metal Energy 4x Metal Saucer 4x Dedennes GX 4x Crushing Harm 1x Mawiles GX 2x Energy Spinner 2x Energy Spinner 2x Energy Switch 3x Switch Although I feel that ADP has been beaten to death by so many, I wanted to show you can create a standard deck. ADP is a simple concept. People tend to forget how to use it optimally. Crushing Hammer is a must-have in this age. Eldegoss V is required for Boss’s Orders to convert Item cards like Quick Ball into gust outs. Water is also a staple to ensure you don’t lose against the opponent’s prizing/crushing Hammers. This is it.

Just keep it consistent. A Tool Scrapper or Galarian Zigzagoon are the only techs I would consider for this deck. Conclusion. I know you are already on your computer loading your PTCGO codes as I speak. You could choose from any of these decks, but it’s important to pick the one you feel most comfortable with. This list has many options, so make sure you have enough PTCGO codes in order to build the right decks. Have fun!


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