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The best of the Samsung ecosystem in 2020: Review

Samsung’s latest Unpacked Event brought to the market those that are some of the best products that the brand has to offer consumers. Here we will unveil some of the best qualities, possible defects of these devices, and essentially realize how well they can work together in the Samsung ecosystem.

Who doesn’t like to receive a magic box with almost € 4000 in technological products? Samsung sent us the Galaxy Note 20 and your brother Note 20 Ultra. But also the Galaxy Watch 3, the Galaxy Buds Live, also known here at home as beans that give music and also the powerful Galaxy Tab S7 +. You can see the analysis in the video below, or read it in this article.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +: the best Android tablet … by far

It is with the latter that we can begin. The best way to describe the Galaxy Tab S7 + is as the most powerful Android tablet ever conceived, and the first that is finally able to stand up to the iPad Pro.

I didn’t even want to talk about specs, but it gets complicated. It is a 12.4 inch Super AMOLED screen with HDR 10+ and a refresh rate of 120Hz. This means that not only are the colors on this device fantastic, you will be amazed at the fluidity of navigation.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +

And what would be better to combine with this screen of excellence? Four loudspeakers, two on each side, that provide you with high quality spatial sound. This is a product that you can use not only for work, but for high quality multimedia consumption, like EBox videos or your favorite series on Netflix.

Samsung did something on this tablet that should be repeated on their smartphones. He put the Snapdragon 865+ on him, regardless of the region where he sells it. This means that you have performance to give and sell. You also have the DeX mode, which allows you to have an authentic computer interface. If you connect a keyboard and mouse to it, the experience certainly rises to another level, and you can even connect it to an external monitor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +

When you want to unlock the equipment, you can do it by face recognition, but also by biometric sensor on the screen. In addition, the 10090mAh battery is so big that you will simply forget that you have to charge it. But also with 45W fast charging, concerns in this regard will be few.

The rear cameras are there, and you can use them if you are “that kind of person”. In addition to the 13MP main sensor, you have a 5MP wide angle, which provides satisfactory results. The front camera is really important if you use the equipment for video calls at school or at work. And although this 8MP lens is not to be missed, it has a quality that does not disappoint and there is a good light input.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +

It is important to refer to S Pen. This is a characteristic feature of this product, and is included completely free of charge in the box (unlike what other brands do). If your beach is going to take notes with the tablet, or just to draw, this is an accessory that you will give a lot of value.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: a ‘monster’ in size … and versatility

What will also not disappoint you, is the equipment I used most of this pack sent by Samsung – the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. This is probably the most Android premium of today, and you feel it in touch, construction and navigation.

As soon as you remove it from the box, the color ‘Mystic Bronze’ screams premium. The screen is curved in the right measure, the side is made of stainless steel and behind and at the front we have the powerful glass with Gorilla Glass Victus (the most resistant today).

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

There are two negative points that I wanted to mention a priori – first of all you have the Exynos 990 processor here. Although I did not experience any performance problems, knowing that in the United States users receive the same equipment with the more powerful Snapdragon 865+, disappointing- me as a user.

Another detail, which was already seen in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, is the fact that you can only use the 120Hz screen in conjunction with Full-HD resolution. This means that if you want to take full advantage of the resolution of this screen and activate Quad-HD, you are limited to 60Hz.

There is no chance. Although I sacrifice the battery a bit, I opted for 120Hz. The fluidity increase is noticeable on this 6.9 inch screen, which is not for any hand or pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The small ‘punch hole’ on the front camera didn’t bother me in the least. This is the ideal smartphone for consuming content, since the Dynamic AMOLED designed by Samsung has simply fantastic colors.

Playing, which in my case is Pokémon GO, I am entitled to 60Hz. This is because Niantic itself limits the update rate to half of what the equipment supports. And in a game that is so simple, small mechanics like opening or closing things or doing battles becomes much more enjoyable.

When testing the cameras, you can believe that you will not lack versatility. You have here the well-known 108MP main sensor, which is accompanied by a 12MP wide angle and a 12MP periscopic telephoto. In the video, you can shoot up to 8K at 24fps.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Photo taken with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra periscopic lens (5x zoom)

What does this translate to? Here you have photographs with excellent colors and also with high dynamic range. You have good detail, but it is good to note that under certain conditions the grain is remarkable.

Photo captured with the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Photograph taken at night with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra periscopic lens

Switching between the various lenses is quite simple, both in photography and video. As you can see in the videos recorded on the beautiful beach of Nazaré, the autofocus takes just a little while to get used to the lens you switched to.

The fact that we have a periscopic telephoto lens here, makes us have a 5x zoom with good detail and quite usable. Everything that goes from there until reaching 50x zoom has a questionable quality.

Photos captured with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Wide angle (left), main (center) and periscopic (right)
Photos taken with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Wide angle (left), main (center) and 5x zoom (right)

The video captured by this equipment, where I decided to just stay on Full-HD has not only good colors, but I also found a satisfactory stabilization. This is because in the videos made with the equipment, all were captured by hand without any accessories.

See photos and videos captured with the Note 20 Ultra in their original quality here

For a price higher than € 1300, this is an equipment that I consider to be of great quality, but expensive. It is not only heavy, but it is not very friendly in my pants pockets. In addition, this bump from the front camera gives a lot of views. Still, without looking at the price, you have a very complete smartphone here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: a smartphone that makes little sense

Also in this Samsung pack, I tested the Galaxy Note 20. But being a device that didn’t dazzle me (except for the fantastic green color), I will talk less about it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (bottom) and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (top)

The truth is that if you are looking for a smartphone where you can use a S Pen for a lower price (989 € in 4G version), this is the equipment to buy favoring the quality. Although with a setup more modest, you won’t be disappointed with these cameras either.

There are certain points that are difficult to ignore in a device that can go up to € 1000 if you want to purchase the 5G version. The back is plastic, or “Glasstic”, as Samsung calls it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

When looking at this equipment, that plastic does not affect its aesthetics and you will not have to spend a lot if repairs are needed. But it seems outrageous to put plastic at something like this.

Another negative point is that, although you have a Super AMOLED Plus screen here, you are limited to Full-HD resolution and only 60Hz. In this price range it seems already prohibitive not to have at least 90Hz.

This same screen has no curl at the edges, which for some users can be a plus. The rear camera lacks pronounced lenses, which makes it a much more discreet smartphone, albeit at 6.7 inches.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Here you have a main sensor of 12 MP, accompanied by a wide angle of 12 MP and a telephoto of 64 MP. You can also record video at 8K at 24 fps, and the photographic results don’t disappoint.

See photos and videos captured with the Note 20 in their original quality here

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Photograph captured with the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: the best Android smartwatch

Who also does not disappoint, is the Galaxy Watch 3 when used in conjunction with a Samsung smartphone. This is, in fact, the way to make the most of this smartwatch. Although it is the most interesting smartwatch Android, only with this ecosystem will you have access to all its potential.

The best compliment you can give to this product is that it doesn’t look like a smartwatch until you turn on your screen. Its classic design makes it an ideal smart watch for any occasion.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

This version I tested is 45mm, and has a 1.4 inch AMOLED screen. It adapts well to any light conditions. Although with the sun hitting the front, he is only competent.

The leather strap and stainless steel construction give it a sturdiness and feeling premium. The two side buttons help with navigation, but the rotating crown is what you’ll most like.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

In my experience, the battery easily lasted two days. Even always connected to the smartphone and receiving notifications and occasional calls, as well as making some use of GPS on a bike ride. And if it is missing, you can charge it with your magnetic charger or the Note 20 (Ultra) with reverse charge.

And although you might look like a Power Ranger taking calls, especially behind the wheel, it is something that you will highly value on this smartwatch. The quality of the loudspeaker is satisfactory, as you can see in the video at the beginning of the article, and on the other side you can also be heard clearly.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Writing a message using the smartwatch requires a learning process, given the dimensions of the screen. But if it’s a short message, it’s not too difficult to get used to the available T9 keyboard more than you expected.

If sport and health monitoring are your thing, here you have about 40 sports modes, a sensor to measure oxygen in your blood or the possibility to monitor your sleep with great precision. If you have activated it, the watch will also often warn you to move.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

In the Galaxy Store you don’t have the possibility to have as many Apps as in the Apple Watch. But the fact that you have access to Spotify offline if you are a premium customer is a great advantage. This means that you can go for a run with just your watch and connect your Bluetooth headset to your watch and listen to your favorite music.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: innovative and classy

And that song can very well be heard on Galaxy Buds Live. These new Samsung Bluetooth headsets hardly surprise the charging case straps because of their bean-like appearance.

What you’ll immediately notice (especially with this color) is that they are extremely reflective. Even though they are discreet in the ear due to their size, they will always jump in sight.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The size and shape is something that I really liked. They fit perfectly in my ear, and I forget that I’m wearing them. But that will vary from user to user.

The sound goes directly to your ear canal, there are no rubbers that you have to push there. And that sound quality is quite balanced, and you can even have more pronounced basses, if you wish, with the customization in the app.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

You can control your music by touch: play or pause with one, go to the next track with two or go back with three and customize the “play and hold” through the settings. These touches, of course, require a learning curve.

They charge via USB-C, but if you have a wireless charger at home, it will be even more convenient to charge them. And thanks to the reverse charging of your Samsung smartphone, it is also easy to get some juice through it.

You can turn on active noise cancellation in the settings, but keep in mind that it will only eliminate some low frequencies (like a fan). If you are looking for earphones to avoid noise from voices at work or when traveling, these are not the best ones.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

As I ended up turning off this noise cancellation, I can tell you that I easily got eight hours of battery life, which is very satisfying. If you count on the box, the autonomy will easily go up to 27/28 hours in total without returning to the “plug”.

You should keep in mind that they are only IPX2 certified, and that means that if you sweat a lot while doing sport you can damage them. But I also don’t think that’s Samsung’s target audience. Rain with them is to forget.

The perfect headset connection mode is what we want in a fully functioning ecosystem product. This makes it possible to quickly switch between devices without having to re-pair the earphones. Even if you have never paired it with your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, if you have a connected Samsung account there, the earphones will work the first time without problems.

In conclusion: Samsung’s ecosystem continues to grow

  • Samsung nailed the screen and sound of the Galaxy Tab S7 +;
  • Performance makes it ideal for multimedia consumption, gaming and work;
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the most premium Android smartphone on the market;
  • Cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are of great quality and very versatile;
  • Samsung was to place Qualcomm processors regardless of region;
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in plastic is a big negative for the price;
  • The lack of refresh rate above 60Hz is another major flaw in the Note 20;
  • Galaxy Watch 3 reaffirms itself as the best Android smartwatch;
  • Classic design wins, and the rotating crown is the best part;
  • Spotify’s app on Galaxy Watch 3 is not very stable;
  • Galaxy Buds Live conquer by different design;
  • Noise cancellation is almost non-existent on these headsets;
  • Battery and sound quality are adjusted for a first generation product;

Samsung ecosystem

What you can take from this brief analysis of Samsung’s new products is the effort that the brand continues to make to innovate with products like Buds Live. Or to offer us excellence with the Tab S7 + or the Note 20 Ultra. And if the Galaxy Watch 3 is a continuity product, but where we don’t see anything revolutionary, the Note 20 seems to be one of the smartphones that makes the least sense in 2020.

This was my experience with these products that we thank Samsung for giving up. You can see the analysis in the video above our Youtube channel.

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