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Meizu Note 9: A mid-range Android smartphone you should consider

Meizu is one of the Chinese manufacturers that showed surprising growth during 2018. Although it has...

Realme X2 Pro Master Edition now available, but not for everyone

The Realme X2 Pro Master Edition was unveiled in November, and is finally on sale. However,...

PlayStation 5: In-game wait times will be a thing of the past!

Sony recently filed a new patent related to the technologies to be implemented on the PlayStation...

Nothing new Nintendo Switch for 2020, in return look at this new edition

There will be no new Switch in 2020 I really want to see a new Nintendo SwitchIf you follow the news it is possible that...

The best of PlayStation 5 is yet to come, says Sony CEO

Sony took the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show, revealing only the long-awaited PlayStation 5 logo. Users hoping to know the design and features of the future console have dashed their hopes.

Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment has ensured that the best of PlayStation 5 is yet to come. “The big differences have not yet been announced,” he told Business Insider.

Jim Ryan
Jim Ryan during the unveiling of the PlayStation 5 logo

Soon intended to convey “consistency” of PlayStation brand

Focusing on the similarities between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 logos, Jim Ryan invoked consistency: “It’s important to give a sense of consistency. immediately think “This is PlayStation”.

For over 100 million PlayStation 4 users, Sony will want to keep them interested. Sony feels a “commitment” to these users, and will remain committed to the current generation even when launching the PS5.

You would not expect anything other than the best graphics and processor in the market. But it is in using an SSD that will be one of the great assets of the new console, which aims to turn the loadings into something almost nonexistent.

With the best to be announced, Jim Ryan guarantees that there are more “unique elements” that will distance PlayStation 5 from previous consoles. In the coming months we should meet them.

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Latest Posts

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Devolo launches the new Mesh WiFi 2 kits and challenges us to turn off the router

The German company, Devolo, today launched in UK the new kits Mesh WiFi 2 for those...

Xiaomi announces arrival of Mi 11, and does not resist a splinter to Huawei

The global launch of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is approaching. This Thursday Xiaomi launched an...

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