A very real simulation

Flight simulators

If the last time you played a flight simulator you did it with those old joysticks or you were driving the plane with the arrow keys on your keyboard, we have to tell you that things have changed enormously. The games now offer a lot of incredible details that not only affect the aesthetic plane (you would be surprised at the amount of detail that you will be able to see from the air), but also the controls of the cabin itself.

The simulation that today’s games and simulators allow is extremely close to the experience of piloting an airplane in reality, and that’s without counting the numerous options on the market that offer compatibility with virtual reality glasses, something that will teleport you directly to 15,000 feet tall.

DCS World Steam Edition

A very complete military simulator that will allow us to pilot the Su-25T “Frogfoot” and the famous American WWII fighter TF-51D “Mustang”, with which we can complete numerous missions focused on the Caucasus and Black Sea region. In addition, it is compatible with VR viewers and allows the additional purchase of other planes to expand your hangar.

Google Earth simulator

Yes, Google has a flight simulator included in its exploration tool. You will have to download the version of Google Earth for PC or Mac and enter the tools menu to launch the flight simulator. It’s pretty basic when it comes to features, but it’s a lot of fun when you consider the level of detail that Google Maps offers. It can be played with keyboard and mouse, or if you prefer, with a joystick.

If you play with the keyboard, the re page button is responsible for speeding up, while the mouse or the direction arrows will control the orientation. You have all the details of the controls on the Google help page.

X-Plane 11 Demo

One of the best flight simulators on the market is X-Plane. This simulator includes a lot of incredible details, to the point of being able to manage the arrival of operators at airports. It includes airports around the world and a spectacular fleet of aircrafts in great detail, including replicas of all cabins.

Modeling very faithful to reality, weather changes and spectacular light effects are more than enough reasons for you to try at least the demo version.

Rise of Flight United

This war simulator set in the First World War offers us the possibility of piloting three fighters (Spad 13, Albatros D.Va and Nieuport 17) and enjoying entertaining missions on huge maps of the western and eastern fronts of WWI. It is completely free and the technical requirements you need are not particularly demanding, so you can probably move it with a not too powerful computer.


This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting options that exist, since GeoFs is a completely free simulator that allows us to pilot and enjoy air rides from our computer’s browser, without the need for any kind of installation. It has more than 20 different planes, and can even parachute if you prefer.

In addition, it includes multiplayer options with which you can pilot accompanied by other players and even chat rooms from which you can talk and exchange flight tips. It has such interesting details as the representation of climatic conditions in real time, since it makes use of an online data service to represent the climatic conditions that exist in the place you are flying over at that precise moment.