The best Dream creations we’ve seen so far

The best Dream creations we've seen so far

In Dreams everything is possible

Creations Dreams PS4

The imagination of the users is reaching unsuspected levels, since, instead of recreating simple scenes without any intention, many are in charge of giving life to small mini-games inspired by others that we had previously seen on other platforms.

For example Metal gear solid, since this user has created a level very similar to the intro of the unforgettable game of Hideo Kojima for PlayStation. This is the beginning of the game in which we had to activate the forklift to reach the surface. This recreation does not have enemies, but only for the ration boxes and the music of the environment has completely won over us.

Try Metal Gear Solid HD in Dreams

The creator of this minigame is Bearly Legal, a YouTube user who has a lot of creations to each one more striking. We can see for example others as the versions of The Last of Us Part II Y Cyberpunk 1997 for the original PlayStation, or the recreation of Death stranding, also imagined as a PlayStation version.

Games that look like the original versions

Another of the creations that is attracting a lot of attention is this version of Fallout 4. The detail is such that even the game’s home screen, menus, and camera style have been represented when interacting with NPCs.

Try Fallout 4: Dreams Edition in Dreams

Another that could not be missing is one of the demos that has given more to talk about in recent years. Yes, a demo that disappeared forever, and that many have tried to recreate in a thousand ways. Well, how could it be otherwise, someone has given life to P.T. in Dreams, and the result is this:

P.T. in dreams

Sonic, the Dreamcast

Sonic Adventure Zero is a spectacular recreation of the mythical Sonic Adventure of Dreamcast. It is spectacular the speed that transmits and the achieved of the textures and the classic atmosphere of the mythical Green Hill.

Play Sonic Adventure Zero in Dreams

Do you want to share your creation? Leave us the link in the comments so we can see it!


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